Monday, April 13, 2009

All Natural Stemulite

When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I was prescribed many medications. I became concerned what effect these pills were having on my body. I mean, I'd be taking one pill for one thing and then also have to take another pill to counteract the first pill's side effects. It came to a point where I made a decision to stop taking the pills. Was this the right choice? I don't know, and I'm certainly NOT recommending anyone reading this stop taking medicine. This was my own decision... wrong or right.

Besides the pain which Fibro is known for, my main complaint due to this condition is the lack of restorative sleep. Sufferers of FMS generally are unable to get to Stage 4 sleep, which is the deep sleep during which time the body restores itself. Due to the lack of restorative sleep, most people with FMS could sleep most of the day away, yet wake up more tired than when they went to sleep. This also causes low energy and concentration problems.

For these reasons, the product called Stemulite has gained my interest. Stemulite is an all natural product which claims to aid in muscle gain, weight loss, endurance, and energy. It is also said to promote deep and restful sleep. I have not tried this product, so I can't make any statements as to whether these claims are true or not. However, many people have tried Stemulite and experienced benefits from it. These people took the time to create some interesting and positive testimonials on its behalf, which you can see on the website.

The fact that it is all natural is very appealing to me. Also, if this product could actually help me increase my endurance and energy levels, in addition to helping me obtain restorative sleep, then I'm very interested.



And if I were you right now, I would go buy a sample and try it out... :)
Let us know how it is.

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