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Camera-Critters #52

Ya know... this whole ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY thing is...


So, who better to celebrate the anniversary with? Let me introduce you to my beautiful bird buddies. Let's start this post off great, with another one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. I think it is very important for me to realize that my "favorite photos I've ever taken" continue to increase lately. It means I'm learning and improving, and you should NEVER stop learning or striving to improve!

This is a Northern Harrier, in all her glory.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Seriously, can you possibly look at this and say it's not beautiful?

She almost took my head off when she flew past, and

if you look at this photo and look into her eye,

I think she's planning on trying to take my head off again!

(c) Misty DawnS

Red-Tailed Hawk

*Sigh* These are the birds who have a conspiracy against me.

They will sit on a post, or in a tree, and just smile at me...

seriously, they smile...

and when I pull up my camera for a picture

they take off... laughing the whole way...

seriously, they laugh.

(c) Misty DawnS

These are, obviously, some turkeys.

I took this photo last weekend,

right as it was beginning to sleet.

I'm like the mail carrier...

Neither sleet nor snow, will keep the

Crazy Little Lady with Big Camera away!


(c) Misty DawnS

*Sigh* My Grandma would love this photo.

She loved birds, especially Cardinals.

The male Cardinal kept chasing the females away from the feeder.

How Rude!

So, this female was appreciating the seed I had scattered on the ground.

Take that Mr. Really Rude Redbird!

(c) Misty DawnS

Speaking of rude...

here we have a Blue Jay.

My grandma used to say they were very pretty, but

they were bad birds, because they cause problems for the other birds.

They certainly are pretty though, aren't they?

Dear Bad Bullying Blue Jay - it you weren't so pretty, I'd give you a lecture!

(c) Misty DawnS

The Blue-Winged Teals (see Bear, I remembered!)

have been frequenting my pond. Thanks, Pals!

See that long beaked bird in the background???

Look closely... ya see it?

That's a Common SNIPE! Yep, they really DO exist!

I could ask you to go Snipe hunting with me,

and it wouldn't even be a joke!

(Anyone who has ever been Snipe hunting knows what I'm talking about.)

(c) Misty DawnS

Thank you for viewing my beautiful bird buddies, and


Because of all of you, Camera-Critters has been a


Don't forget Heads or Tails on Tuesday, Looking at the Sky on Friday, and for your weekend enjoyment...

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lots of pretty like birdies:)


your blog is for the birds!

sorry, just had to...

i really love the blue jay! great shots!!


That's quite a collection of birds for today!!

Digital Polaroids

I love the pictures of the different birds in the snow


Beautiful photos. We see turkeys along the toll road all the time. One of these days I am going to stop and take pics... that and an armadillo, before I leave Florida My daughter always gets embarrased when I stop the car to take pics!

i beati

excellent - where's my cake??hee hee


Beautiful pics! Loved the aerial shots of the hawks!


Wow, beautiful bird pictures, thanks for sharing!

EG CameraGirl

Happy anniversary!

Yep, a true lover of photography is out there no matter the weather. LOL (It's sleeting outside my door as I write this. EW!)

david mcmahon

What a great way to celebrate an anniversary, Mist.


Bee-YOU-ti-FUL!!! Ya know.. I've really noticed how much your photography has improved over the last year. Keep on learning.. I can only imagine where you'll take this wonderful talent you have!


laughing at you-lol
postal photographer-lol
beautiful bullybirds-lol
REAL snipes? Now that is serious stuff!
Great post:)


Very nice birdies. I would have to chase them if they came here, but that first one looks like he might be able to swoop down & scoop me up!


wow! I love the way how you capture those gorgeous birds super beautiful. Visit my flamingos here and also the lovely colors of parrots here, thanks and happy one year anniversary.


Great photos !!!

When I was at th lake on Tuesday, I had a couple of birds that almost took my head off as well... in fact, I had to duck !!

It's a bird conspiracy, I tell you!! :-)

Once again...Happy Anniversery and congratulations on such a wonderful site!!!


I love the in flight shots but then again the sweet little guys on the snow are so adorable!

Raising Addie

Cool birds!

Our fav is the redbird!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and Lucie


Wonderful birds, Misty. A big congratulations on one year! Here's to many more!

Villas Girl

Happy Aniversary to you and thank you for starting this meme for us.

You photos are absolutely beautiful. The cardinal and Harrier are my favorites. Lisa


Wow, all wonderful photographs of these very beautiful birds. All should be enlarged to get the full benefit of them, they are gorgeous and you have captured that Red-Tailed Hawk perfectly. You actually see that look in his eye. Great post Misty, and congratulations on the One Year Anniversary.


You know how much I LOVE that first shot!!! IT'S FREAKING AMAZING!!!

Trish ~ ♥ ~

awesome bird shots, congratulations on the first anniversary!

Smalltown RN

Omg those birds are photographed them I am very impressed...I love birds...but my photos seem so insignificant in comparison to yours...I can't believe it has been a year since you started the Camera Critters....I am working on my post should be up later in the day....Happy 1st Anniversary to Camera Critters....


Beautiful, beautiful bird shots. I like the hawks best, but they're all exceptional photos.
Happy anniversary to camera critters. It's a fun blog that I enjoy very much.

Reader Wil

Congratulations, Misty Dawn! I like all your birds and the colourful cardinal is my favourite! Thanks for sharing!


A wonderful series on the birds, Misty. Thanks so much for starting Camera Critters so that we can enjoy sharing the images of pets and wildlife.


Gorgeous photos! The birds are beautiful! Happy Anniversary!


Great shots, Misty...and congratulations on one year of Camera Critters.


They are all beautiful, but I like the cardinal the best.


You got some great bird shots, one of my favorite subjects.

Adrienne Zwart

Love all the bird shots, especially the harrier one. Really impressive! Happy Anniversary, Misty!

Jane Hards Photography

Congrtulations on a year. It's been a hoot, and I've learnt so much as well as enjoyed images such a this.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: The year has flown by enjoying all the critters. Here's a poem for you my friend.

The year has past so quickly by
you may say how does it fly.
When week by week we post again
it comes so fast but I know when.
Around the web I travel through,
critters I will see a few.
Because Misty has shared with us
a Meme without a lot of fuss.


Lovely birds and Mr. Rude was caught in a funny moment. hehehee

Happy Critters anniversary!


I love your bird buddies, Misty - especially that little cardinal in the sparkly snow. And that Blue Jay's wings are amazing.

Müge Tekil

Happy Anniversary dear Misty! Your bird photos are great! The first one is really a Masterpiece! I also like very much the 4th and 5th ones!


Really lovely shots, very anniversary-worthy!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Great bird photos. I'm a day late this week for Camera Critters, but it's better late than not at all.


Awesome bird pics - I love the in flight pictures!!


such gorgeous birds!
i agree, blue jays are beautiful bullies.


All of these birds made a great 1 year celebration! :)

Happily Retired Gal

Marvelous collection of birds for this week. I appreciate you identifying them for those like me who need such info ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

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