Saturday, April 25, 2009

Camera-Critters #55

Hello. My name is I. B. Wabbit.
What is that funny thing attached to your face?
Were you born like that?
Did people make fun of you with that black square growth
and that looooooong eye that moves in and out?
Hey, don't get offended, I was just wonderin'.
Speaking of growths...
I've got big ears.
(c) Misty DawnS

And one of them WEALLLLLLY itches right now.
Ahhhhhhh that's the spot.
(c) Misty DawnS

Why are you giggling?
You're just jealous. You just wish you had ears like me.
You just wish that whenever your ear itched you could
just grab it and fold it down in front of your face.
Stop giggling! You're hurting my feelings.
That's IT!!!
(c) Misty DawnS

I am I. B. Wabbit,
(c) Misty DawnS

I am SO outta hare here!
(c) Misty DawnS

I wonder if he was headed to go on one of those Caribbean cruises... nah, probably not.

Don't forget Heads or Tails on Tuesday, Looking at the Sky on Friday, and for your weekend enjoyment...

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What a wonderful rabit shots, Misty.

My CC entry this week : in HERE. I hope you have time to visit. Thanks

david mcmahon

Love that last shot, Misty. Great light, too.


Would have made a perfect series for Easter Sunday!


What a lovely series of bunny photos. Great shots.


i love the last shot when he leap so cute and perfect shot.


Great rabbit photos and monologue. Yes, I do wish I could just fold down my ears and scratch them. How did he know?


Again nice rabbit pictures!


Wonderful shots! And the commentary was perfect!


He's just begging to be chased by a schnauzer!


Love the last shot. Great capture mid-air and wonderful light.


Light reflecting off I.B. Wabbit... great shot!


Rascally wabbit! Too much fun!

Teena in Toronto

Great action shots!

I played too :)


Silly wabbit.. you should have run faster when you saw the camera lady.

Psst.. I'm glad you didn't show a picture of a quail..


Great shots. love the last one too!


Rabbits RULE! I'm not just saying that because my sign is a rabbit. *wink* hehehe.

These are fun captures. I esp. love the 2 last photos when he was preparing to bolt and when he jumped. Looks cool the way he was suspended in the air. Aren't cameras amazing!



love that last action shot! never thought of my camera as an extension of my face but it really is ;)

i beati

pretty tricky and talented those in the air shots Sandy


I do wish I had ears like you, I.B. Would you like to switch?

Maude Lynn

That last shot is absolutely fantastic!


Superb photos! And boy wouldn't my two mutts like to chase IBWabbit!


Aww he's so cute. He has beautiful markings on his fur. Great captures.

Nebraska Birding


It's always fun to see animals in the wild. Great rabbit shots!!


Oh he looks like he'd be fun to chase!!!


Yep...that be that wascally Wabbit. I heard all about him from my buddy Fudd.

You done shot him well 8v)


Cool photos and commentary!!! :-)

I love them wasscaly wabbits !!


very cute & funny! Now I wanna take pics of a bunny wabbit!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Fun post with the rabbit. I think his name is I. M. A. Bunny.

Susan Cook

I love the bunny pictures and the story to go with it. I wish I could see a bunny like that.


The bunny is so cute! You are more than welcome to come to Animal Kingdom with us... if you can come to FL in the next 5 weeks.... we are moving north to PA!


I love these, Misty - the photos and the commentary. I do believe you were born with that thing in front of your face. That's one smart rabbit.


You're not just good a photography, you're a great story teller!! Your cc posts never fail to entertain.

My fave is the "so outta here!" image... nice job capturing that fast little guy!! also had a laugh at the word that's crossed out... outta hare ;)

On another note, I've set up a "directory" page on the main gritfx website for my cc posts. I'd like to add some links to other cc participants - yourself included... especially since you're the founder!!

If you're interested in being added, send me a website/blog badge (120pixels wide x 80pixels) to
Manz's Camera Critters Page

Maria's Space

Fast little bugger


LOL - love the captions! Otherwise I would have never known what he was thinking ;)


Those are all great photos. I love watching bunny's too.


That's a lovely big bunny!

Villas Girl

Hi Misty! Love it. My favorite is 'that's it'. I guess my morbid personality loves annoyed animals expressions. Lisa


Oh that last shot is SPECTACULAR!! Well done!


What an adorable rabbit! Great shots. Have a nice week, Misty :)


Misty you crack me up! I love bunnies! They are just so soft and comforting. :)

I'm sorry I'm so far behind. :(

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~

Nice Rabbit shots, especially the last one. Makes you feel like saying *weeeeeee* :-)

Adrienne Zwart

Love the lighting in these. I just love it when bunnies scratch or groom their ears. And they look so soft! Great post!


Wonderful Wabbit shots and entertaining tale ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


Look at the bunny! Aurora used to have rabbits when she was little, but man the white one hated me!


Awesome bunny pictures!!! That's one pet I'd love to have but David REFUSES. Sigh... ;)

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