Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't Expect Servants with This Crown

I'm a queen?!?! I'm a queen?!?! Well, I must be, because another queen, Tina at Mummy Diaries says I am. She even gave me an award to put on my blog to let everyone know that I'm a queen! That's a great idea, because who wants to be a queen if no one else knows that you're a queen?

So, I now command my humble servants to present these awards and... hey! Where are my humble servants??? Wait! Why am I at work? Queens don't work! Oh yeah, now I remember... this queen has bills to pay. I don't want to have to pawn my crown (they never give you what it's worth) to pay the queen's bills. So, I guess I'll present the awards myself...

I present these Friendly Queen awards to:
Anna of Beth & Cory's Mom (She worries that's all there is to her, so I want to remind her she's a queen in my book!)
Barb of Skittle's Place (She's famous, ya know! Besides, she gave me a cape, so I give her a crown. Ummmm, don't ask about the cape.)
Jersey of The Furry Diva (Everyone knows this furry diva is a queen!)
Noelle of Portrait of the Human Heart (With writing talent like hers, she deserves a crown.)
Sandy of I Beati (Her generous and considerate soul is unmatched by any other. She deserves more than just a mere crown.)
Sanni of It's Sanni-licious (Not only is she a beautiful queen, but she's a sweetheart too - and super-duper talented at everything she does.)
Tammy of Mom Knows Everything (If she knows everything, she must be listened to. She needs to sit on her throne, wearing her crown, and knowing everything. hehe)



AWWW.. You LIKE me. You really really LIKE me.

I'm only famous by association. Gina's rep has helped me a lot..

Cape??? What cape??? *innocent look*


(Me doing a regal wave to the crowd of my loyal subjects)
Thank you, thank you all and as your Queen I hearby announce that today is offical bloggers day. Long live bloggers everywhere!
(Me doing a regal wave to the crowd of my loyal subjects again)

i beati

I am overwhelmed and happy - took both was I greedy??

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