Monday, April 20, 2009

FM Transmitter Needed

I used to love to read. Seriously - it was an obsession. I am passionate about my books, just ask my Hubs. However, since I work three jobs now and attend college online, I don't find any time to read. OK. Fine. I'll give you the truth. When I'm not working or doing homework, I'm on the computer chatting with my friends... There - ya happy? Anyway, recently, I have really realized how much I miss the things I used to do 'for me' that I don't do anymore. So, I got this great idea.

Since I drive about 50 minutes each way to work and back, I will download audiobooks to my MP3 player, find an FM transmitter on sale for the player, and listen to books on my drive to work and home. I think I already have found a good audiobook site to join (after we get some bills paid and some money saved), but I'm not sure which FM transmitter I should get. I have a Belkin FM transmitter, but it has never ever worked... ever - not even brand new out of the package! So, any suggestions on what kind I should get?

Oh, an important thing to note - my MP3 player is an iRiver. It is NOT an iPod - so, iPod accessories will not work with my player.



Uhhhhh....I have no idea. Heck I can't even put videos on Auroras. LOL

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