Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grounds for Divorce?

Soooooooo... will any of you visit me in jail after I murder my husband tonight when I get home???

I get up this morning, get my shower, get ready for work, and am ready to head out the door. I make the comment to Hubs that it seems awfully dark outside. He says, "Oh, the sun will be up in just a few minutes."

So, I'm driving down the road, thinking it's REALLY freaking dark and this is REALLY weird (yes, I'm an idiot). Then the guy on the radio says,

"It's 10 after 6 and here's your forecast."

Wait! WHAT? 10 after WHAT?

So, I look at my vehicle's clock, which says 7:10. I call Hubs...

"What time is it, Honey?" He says "10 after 7, why?" I said, "Because it's REALLY dark, and the guy on the radio just said 10 after 6!" Hubs says, "Oh, they make mistakes like that all the time." So, I'm driving along, and the guy on the radio now says...

"It's 6:13 and here's what events are happening in your area." What the HECK?

Then Hubs says, "Oh, April Fools." I'm like, "WHAT? What TIME is it HUBS???" and he says "The same time the guy on the radio just said. April Fools. Now you have time to go to WalMart and get groceries before work."

I'm tellin' ya... I almost turned around right there and went back home to injure him. I got up at FOUR THIRTY this morning!!!

I can take a joke... but I got up at FOUR THIRTY in the morning.

Yes, he got me good. He changed my alarm clock while I was in the bathroom, and he EVEN changed my vehicle's clock when he let the dogs out! He changed every clock in the house!!!

Yes, Hubs got me good. Yes, I got the grocery shopping done. Yes, he is going to have to find a way to pay his medical bills after he is seriously injured.

Now then, I'm going to buy myself a really nice watch, and I'm never taking it off my arm.

** I realize you are thinking - why didn't she just look at her cell phone clock? Well, because I was driving down the road... when I'm driving, I try not to take my eyes off the road. **

** If you need me, I'll be under my desk... sleeping. For some reason, I'm extra tired today. **





Um.. April Fool's jokes are supposed to be.. what's the word? FUNNY! I don't see anything funny about what he did. In fact it's a bit creepy that he even changed your car's clock. (I wouldn't have thought to check my phone's clock.)

Psst. You gonna visit my HoT?


Ooh, my Hubby would be dead if he did something like that! My sleep time is precious.


Ooouu that is a toughie...not that I won't visit you, I will...but the joke..the day ain't over..whaddya gonna retort with? Cellophane on the toilet? he cleans it up too!

angie {the arthur clan}

I am not a morning person at all so yeah...he'd be a dead man in this household. That's horrible!

But, it sure made for a funny blog post. :)


4:30 in the morning is never ever a laughing matter and most definitely grounds for divorce and then some!!

You definitely need to do something to get him back!


I will visit you!!! Boy he got you good. If my hubby did that I would have skipped the grocery shopping and gone back home and kicked his butt!!!
Great April Fools joke...

BeccA's Buzz

Oh my goodness! Girl, you should set your alarm for 4:30 am and wake up and slap him a good one and then go back to sleep! LOL


What a dirty rotten trick! Smack him! LMFAO


Oh, that's just cruel. I'll hold him down while you beat him. Of course, Poor Hubby wasn't amused when I did the "I'm pregnant" April Fools joke...


That is not funny! This from the guy who's supposed to love you?

I'll write you in prison...


I would kill him. How many jobs do you do and he suggests an extra grocery shop? How tired are you on a regular basis?

He needs to do some serious grovelling. Divorce would be letting him off lightly. Stay married to him and make him suffer. *snort*


Horrible!!!!! I would have been so upset because I cherish my morning sleep.


Ohh that'd be grounds for canned spam and beans all week for him! or something that he really hates all week!! Man I couldn't leave getting even alone on that one. He got ya girl, but remember what they say about "payback"!!
Get him good!

CrAzY Working Mom

There's nothing worse than a woman scorned...well, maybe a woman April Fooled. He did getcha good. I'm making a mental note of this one to get hubby next year with this! *LOL* He's ALWAYS late. It'd be funny to make him an hour early for once! Heh heh heh

Happy April fools, you April fool! :) ♥

Sandra Carvalho

OMG Misty!Bwahahahah!!!Thanks for the laughter!I'd surely have the same thoughts as you do if my hubby pulled out somethin' like that!

Scott Hovind

ROFlmao!!!! Best prank EVER!!!

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