Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guys, Take Their Advice

Hypothetically, let's say that a guy decides to play an April Fools joke on his wife. So, he devises a plan, which results in said wife waking up at 4:30 a.m. (waaaaaay too early) to get ready and go to work. Then, already halfway to work, when wife finds out about this cruel and evil joke, she does not find it funny at all, and suddenly the husband can't see the humor in it either. This is when husband realizes he's in deep, and it's going to take a lot to get him out.

This is when, if husband has any sense at all, he will hightail it to the nearest computer and frantically type in the website address for Bella True's Tips for Guys section. The excellent advice he will receive from that site is no joke.
Guys, trust me on this...
Was your joke not funny?
Did you stay out late and not call?
Did you call her but by the wrong name?
Suggested she try a new diet?
Insulted her mother?
Got her a vacuum cleaner as an anniversary gift?
Forgot her cat's birthday?
Used her favorite nightgown as a rag to wash your motorcycle?
Whatever you did, Bella True's Tips for Guys will help you find the right gift to make it better. Well, depending on what it was you did, it may not be completely forgotten, but you can certainly make it better. They give you advice based on the severity of your blunder, the importance of an event, and which special days are truly special. My favorite section, Gemstones by Color, tells a guy when to choose a specific color gemstone.

Once you've found the right section, then you can set about learning which bling is most appropriate, ranging from rings to bracelets. This website section takes the stress out of jewelry shopping (and grovelling), by giving you clear and concise steps to picking out the perfect piece.

So, take my advice by taking Bella True's advice. You'll thank us for it! (I prefer silver)



Hmm.. hypothetical..

Oh Oh Oh.. I know another guy who makes some blunders, too. Bella might be getting business. No she won't. Guys don't care. Muwahahaha.

Their jokes aren't funny. Ours are. But they're funsuckers.

I wish he would stay out late.. or stay out period. That's kinda mean though. Kinda. And he does bring home a paycheck.

I wish he'd just talk. He could call me DooDooHead if he did.

He knows better. She's rich. :P

SOME people might like a vacuum cleaner. If it came with lampshade attachments.

I have a cat???? GINA!!! Where's the friggin' CAT???

Using it on the motorcycle is better than wearing it. Or using it to get some serious poofage.

Quit laughing.


I am so sending Johnny to that site!!! Thanks for the tip, he'll live a lot longer is he goes to that site! ;o)


Oh yeah Mist don't forget he owes you BIG time for that one! Milk it girl... milk it...

Brent loves Dating

Calling all my fellow husband and every guys out there, you should take this advice seriously if you don't want your world turn around please! lol..

Surrogate Baby

WOW. It was really amazing. I can’t help not to admire your post. It was definitely great. Kudos for an awesome job! :D

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