Monday, April 13, 2009

Heads or Tails *Reason*

Heads Or Tails

If you click on the graphic above, it will take you to the awesome HoT blog where you can sign up and start participating in this fun and popular meme!

This week's theme is HEADS -"Reason".
So, I got out my NO2 Black Blogging Pencil
and came up with this list -

The Top Ten Reasons
I Love Blogging
1. It's a release for my thoughts, ideas, and emotions.
2. I can share my creativity through photography and writing, and I can learn from others who share the same passions as I.
3. The friendships I have developed are some of the best I've ever had.
4. My sense of humor comes out in my blog posts.
5. I enjoy creating my blogs as a reflection of me.
6. I am more comfortable with being myself on my blog than in real life (weird, I know).
7. I have MUCH more self-confidence and self-esteem when blogging than in real life (yes, I know, I'm weird).
8. Blogging is not limited to geographical boundaries.
9. I am able to see things and meet people when I would have never had the chance otherwise.
10. With blogging, the initial physical judgments/opinions which can interfer with face-to-face interactions are non-existant.



Good reasons to blog, for certain.
HoT's Mr Linky won't accept my link for some reason, so I'll leave it here.


Stop saying that! Unless you mean *gasp* that I'm weird, too! Nearly all of my friends are online because I'm much more comfortable online. :P


I know you like blogging more than.. working. I know because you wrote this at WORK! Or was that the Words one? Don't make me check emails.

I applaud all the colors at the top. That's not the quickest thing to do.

I love all your reasons. I like that you can be friends with people old enough to be your MOTHER. :P

Psst.. did you know you signed in out of alphabetical order? Did you do that just to make me twitch?

That Janie Girl

Cool meme.


Nice set of reasons. Blogging is many things to many people, and I would think many agree with some of your reasons. 8v)

Robyn Jones

Great reasons for blogging...When I started it was only to keep my family updated when i got pregnant with Jeremy...I hate phones...I thought it would keep everyone off my back...I never realized what a blogsphere was out there...


That was a great list for reason. All I could think of was negative things so I took a different route.


Great list of reasons to blog! Good job!

Hootin' Anni

I don't think your #6 is odd at all...y'know?---it's that way with me too most times. I tend to be a gal who tries to please others in 'real' life...and on my blog I have no one else to please but myself.


i love the colors of your text. nice ten you got there!


If it wasn't for blogging we wouldn't have found each other! For that I am always grateful for blogging. You're my best friend!!!


Those are some good reasons to blog indeed. Oh, who got a new toy???? Thanks for stopping by my blog.


#6 makes perfect sense. I guess that means many of us are just plain weird... LOL


Good reasons, I will have to think about those when I don't feel like blogging.


Those are all great reasons to love blogging! I love it, too.

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