Thursday, April 2, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

WooHooo! It's Friday! Not only is it the end of the work week for most people (not me, I've still got to work, but that's beside the point), it's also time for the fun and wonderful meme where we spend our time Looking at the Sky on Friday! (Click on the badge to join in the fun!)

With this Looking at the Sky on Friday post, I just can't help but play "Corny Captions to Consider". I just can't help myself! This photo just screams 'Give me captions'! I hope you enjoy my Corny Captions to Consider game... feel free to join in and tell me which caption is your favorite - or suggest a caption of your own!
"Aww shucks!"
"Gee thanks - I think you're cute too!"
"Got nuts?"
"Pewww Who farted?"
"Hehe you're a funny lady."
"I'm like the Pillsbury Doughboy - poke my tummy - he he"
"Pucker up and gimme a kiss"
"Does this pose make my cheeks look fat?"
(c) Misty DawnS

I hope that giving you a link to Mesothelioma lawyers doesn't ruin your mood and make you stop laughing at this cute and silly squirrel. Just go look at some more sky photos - that'll cheer ya right up!

If your are interested in this fun and awesome meme, just click on the badge at the top of the post and join us.

Don't forget to gather up your critter photos and join Camera-Critters this weekend!!! It's our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY this week and a perfect time to show off your critter captures!



Another awesome picture!


P.S. I can't believe CC is a year old now! Wow!


I don't know, it looks to me like he was just waiting for you to turn around so he could jump on your head and steal your camera!


"Are you looking at ME?"

Cute fellow he is. I'm not that much of a fan of squirrels. But he is cute without too much attitude...

Looking @ The Sky on Friday

Congrats on a year for CC! That's way cool. :) I've got THE PERFECT shot for the one year anniversary. I need to set it to Auto Post right now while I'm thinking about it.

Oh, and I think that "Gee thanks - I think you're cute too!" fits the squirrel's expression. This is a great shot! Nicely done. :)

Happy Friday!

(oh, and I love that you stuck a mesothelioma lawyers link in there too! *LOL*)


I love that cutify squirrel of yours and also that popular mesothelioma lawyers.

To all camera critters "Happy one year anniversary" @ thanks to you Misty for creating that site I love so much and I'm happy to be a part of it.



Fun shot and funny captions!

That is one good April Fool's gag your husband pulled. Were you thinking, "I'll get ya!" I hope you made it through the day.

You can find my sky post here:


the expression on his face is so cute!


So cute and funny! Makes me want to poke his cheeks.

Tabbikat's Thoughts


"Should I peek?"

"Should I? Should I?"

"Okay...I will."

"She's STILL here!"

"Oh no! She's pointing something!"

"'s only that camera of hers...again"

"I should move to Oregon. I bet no one there has a camera."

Nice portrait...Misty 8v)


Misty, I like "Does this pose make my cheeks look fat?" Thanks for visiting my "Looking at the Sky on Friday." Have a good weekend.


I love your - "got nuts"

the first thing that came to me was - "who let the dogs out!?"

great shot Misty


Gotta be the fart one! I've just awarded you the Passionate Blogger. See for details.

EG CameraGirl

This squirrel is sooo cute...and wishing you a very happy first anniversary, I presume. ;-)


Awww that is so cute!!!!

Jane Hards Photography

This the cutest skywatch image this week, and the funniest.


I love ALL the possible captions and the picture is wonderful!
Hugs and blessings,

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