Monday, April 6, 2009

Online Photography Portfolio Advice, Please

I have a few questions for my photography friends out there... if you read this...

Do you have an online portfolio? Is it your own website, Flickr, SmugMug, or something else? Do you have any tips about preparing a portfolio? Are my photos even good enough to deserve a portfolio, or am I just giving myself too much credit (there's a first for everything, I guess hehe)? Seriously... I don't want to set myself up to be a big joke.

I currently have a Flickr account, but am seriously considering jumping the fence and joining SmugMug. SmugMug has a much more professional look to me. I would love to be able to sell some of my photography through my portfolio, but I think you can only do that if you purchase SmugMug's Pro account, which I seriously cannot afford.

Anyhow... I wanted opinions, ideas, and advice from the people I know and respect... I've always been a huge fan of customer reviews, because I find them to be more honest... Hence, this post.



(insert inoknow) emotion here.
Did you ask Bear? Denny uses Flickr.


Both sites offer online storage. But SmugMug does have a bit more professional look. However, SmugMug is $10 more expensive annually than Flickr. But I do like the looks of SmugMug pages.

You are correct that in order to sell images through SmugMug, you need to purchase a pro account. However, I think a slickr looking page will get more people checking your images.

As for a portfolio...well, of course your images are good enough to make a portfolio for. Select a dozen or so of you best images, making sure you show range in the photography. Print them in 8x10 size and stick them in those plastic page protectors. On the back of each photo, put a piece of paper which has the shooting data on it. Then stick them in a binder. Your best bet is one of those cardstock type binders.

If nothing else, you'll have something to show people what you're capable of doing.


I won't lie. I have no clue about the portfolios. What I do know? Absolutely your photos are good enough to deserve a portfolio! You have some stunning pictures.


Portfolio? Hmm.. I better ask Gina.


We are using zenfolio for our web hosting and selling of prints. Of course you're good enough!


I don't have an online portfolio other than what I share on my blogs but my nephew has a SmugMug account. I think many bloggers use Flickr. Good luck ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


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