Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Securing the Sense of Security

I'm not a material girl as far as wanting to own many possessions. I'm more about the 'feelings' associated with my favorite possessions. I love my camera, because photography is my passion, and it brings me peace, confidence, and joy. I love my laptop, because... well, because all of you, my friends, are in it. ;-) I just can't figure out how the heck y'all fit in there.

The other possessions that are dear to me are because they mean something to me, such as items I've inherited or received as gifts. So, I'm not a material girl. Yet, I have material possessions which mean a great deal to me.

I am also an excessive worrier. Yes, most of you already know that. So, when we moved here and started remodeling, I worried. I especially worried when I started hearing from friends and customers at work about several break-ins and thefts in the area. Some of these occurred within less than 10 minutes from my house! At this point, my worry goes beyond worrying about my possessions, it becomes about my feelings and emotions, my furkids, my sense of my home being my safe place.

I am sitting here with goosebumps and tears in my eyes at just the thought of someone destroying that. To lose that sense of 'home' because of intruders... to constantly be worried and scared... to feel violated... and I can't even imagine if something happened to the dogs.

For almost 30 years, my grandparents home (the home I grew up in) was my safe haven. Even after I became an adult and moved out, when life got too overwhelming, I went there to find peace and my sense of security. Now, my home serves that purpose. Having that violated would be indescribable. You know what they say, "You can never be too safe."

This is why a home security system, such as ADT, would be worth every single penny, in my opinion. Some would say that's a bit obsessive for the area I live in, but when you are talking about your loved ones, your possessions, your home, and your safety, how can protecting those things ever be 'too much'?



Just don't be locking yourself IN as you lock the baddies OUT....

Reader Wil

Hi Misty! I am just like you, only it makes me angry if someone enters my house uninvited. But I have installed a burglar alarm system. You are the boss, so what the hell is someone doing in your house! That's what you have to bear in mind. I have no valuable things in my house, only things of emotional value and I don't want them destroyed either. Thanks for sharing Misty!


yeah.. can you are right.. but if someone entered in my home uninvitedly then I am sure of one thing that it will do no good for him or her... hahahaha..!
Thanks for sharing..! :)


It's never too much when it comes to protecting your loved ones. Great post and a very important one too!


I would feel absolutely horrible to have my home invaded so I know exactly what you're saying!

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