Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday & stuff

Ya know how sometimes life just keeps throwing things at you, and you just wanna scream "Stop the ride, I wanna get off!"? You can relate? OK good. Anyhow, I'm not going to whine and pout in this post. I have a lot to be thankful for, and I don't like to sound like I feel sorry for myself.

I was trying to leave the Online Photography Portfolio post towards the top so I could get some advice, but since that isn't happening, I'm going to play Ten on Tuesday.

Ten Least Liked Foods
(This will be an easy one for me)
1. Squash!!!
2. Liver
3. Onions
4. Peppers
5. Horseradish (I guess that would be a condiment...
oh well I don't like Mustard either)
6. Spicy stuff
7. Lima Beans
8. Cooked Cauliflower (I love it raw though)
9. Sweet Potatoes
10. Mushrooms

There, wasn't that fun? I could add lots more to the list... does that make me picky? probably.

OK, you can go back to bidding on online auctions now, thank you for your time.



Guess what friend? -
My Ten Least Liked Foods

1. Squash (tolerated)
2. Liver
3. Horseradish
4. Mustard
5. Broad beans and butter beans.
6. (Very Hot)Spicy stuff
7. Lima Beans
8. Kidney or any offal
9. Sweet Potatoes
10. Mushrooms

Pretty close huh? :)


PS. Is it really a year for CC? congratulations!


I agree with you on 2, 5, 7 and 8, but I like all that other stuff. Hopefully we can still be friends...

Diva's Thoughts

I am so with you on most of that list.

Mom Knows Everything

I like squash, onions, peppers and mushrooms.....(ihidin emoticon)


I'm SO with you! I don't like any of those either! Yep, I'm picky. :)

Teena in Toronto

I with you on most of that stuff. Yuk!

I played too :)

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