Friday, May 15, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

WooHooo! It's Friday! Not only is it the end of the work week for most people, it's also time for the fun and wonderful meme where we spend our time Looking at the Sky on Friday! (Click on the badge to join in the fun!)

(c) Misty DawnS

As if being in an F-4 tornado wasn't enough of Mother Nature's fury for us to endure, now we have flooding. EVERYTHING is flooded. Since 1 a.m. we've lost power a few times, and we have had over 3 1/2 inches of rain, with 1 1/2 inches of that rain coming in just an hour's time. The creeks are flooded; the ponds are flooded; and even some of the highways are flooded, and this is supposed to last ALL day! The sky is in a constant state of rumble (I guess the angels must be bowling a lot of strikes). Oh yeah, and here's the kicker... we're under hazardous weather warnings, because severe thunderstorms, with potential to produce large hail and more tornadoes, are expected to develop this afternoon. For crying out loud... many people still do not have power - if they are lucky to even have shelter, as so many people have lost their homes!

If you can't find me later... check the basement.

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I love the crepuscular rays in the photo. I always enjoy seeing those beams of sunlight breaking through the clouds.

I hope the weather improves soon in your area. You've been through a little too much lately.


That is am awesome shot!I hope the storms give you a miss this time. Take care. xo

Susan Cook

It looks like the calm after the storm. I was just reading the post below. Very Scary!


I like how God trades off the horrendous weather with some totally beautiful skies like this one you have pictured.

Stay safe even if it is in the basement!


After the tornado you deserve a beautiful sky like this. An awesome array of pictures you took after the storm and I'm glad you came out unscathed.


Am awesome shot of sunset, Misty! And as ive mentioned in FB, am glad you are got out safe from the tornado. I guess the weather around the world is really erratic. I hope the flooding ovr there stops soon. Ours will just start next month til the end of the year.

Great week-end!


so sorry for all you're going through mist..
hang in there! xo

Happily Retired Gal

The rays and colors in this sky photo are amazing! Sorry to learn of the flooding. You're in my prayers.
Hugs and blessings,

The Explorer

You captured them so nicely. I like the sun is like magic

The Explorer

I hope everything is fine on your side Misty.


On the upside, you've got a beautiful sky-picture there ;-)
Hope everthing will calm down soon. It must be scary for all of you. Stay well!


What an angelic photo! I'm still waiting for you to come to Canada!!!

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