Sunday, May 17, 2009

Macro Monday

Would somebody please tell me
why it has taken me so long to join this meme?
I mean Hello! Macro photography is
one of my most favorite types of photography ever!
Geesh - I feel like a bear who has been hibernating and missing out on the fun!

(c) Misty DawnS

And not only is macro photography one of my most favorite types of photography ever (did I already mention that?), the hostess is LISA!!! People, I just truly adore Lisa, her photography, and her blog. The first time I ever visited, I Could.Not.Stop. I just kept going to post after post after post. Seriously - it's an addiction.

So, Lisa, if you'll have me - I Wanna Playyyyyy (she says in her best whiny-kid voice).
The rest of you should play too! Just find a close-up photo and click on the badge at the top of the post. I'm so excited I'm gonna join over at Misty's Words too!

**P.S. Next time I'm missing out on a spectacular photo meme that y'all just know would be perfect for me... smack me upside the head with it, K? Deal? Thanks!**



Pretty shot, Misty! I love the blur in the background and the blue sky. Welcome to Macro Monday! I love it, too!

Amila Suwa

Beautifully captured. I like the background too, for which I am now beginging to play attention to in my macro work.


Hopefully your life will settle down enough soon so you can get more macro photos taken. It takes more practice than I thought it would.


Beautiful flower against the sky! I agree that the background makes this shot even more attractive.


All I say is , better late than never! nice flowers, wonder what kind of flowers is that. Looks like the wild cherry we have here but not in cluster like that.


Beautiful colours! (I just discovered macro monday too, and I'm so glad I did)


Welcome aboard! I'll look forward to seeing you there!


Ohhhh I love this! I just may have to join you on Macro Monday!! :)


Well it's about time too! Great shot and I look forward to many more from you.


Misty! Ilove your puppy and I love your photo! I also play Macro Monday (usually) and I love it, too! Welcome aboard!

Happily Retired Gal

BEAUTIFUL floral macro ;--)
As for joining the meme ... welcome! I participate periodically as time permits because I've learned it's impossible for me to do everything all the time.
Hugs and blessings,


You have left me blushing profusely! You are so so kind! I'm so glad you hopped on in here. :) Love your tiny little flowers!


There is also MacroDay... though they get a bit fussy about what you submit and more professionals go there. I love the macro shots too. It is not as easy as one would first think and I am still learning. Great flowers... are these on the flowering shrubs that all the bees love? I have no idea of the shrub name but the tiny white flowers are cute.

EG CameraGirl

Are these chokecherries? Lovely macro!


Glad you have come over to play! Very awesome photo. Clear and gorgeous.

Tammie Lee

Lovely flower image. I so enjoy macros also.

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