Sunday, May 17, 2009

Maternity Attire

Several of my co-workers have either just had babies or are presently, pleasingly, pregnant. In fact, the wife of one of my co-worker's is pregnant and she is due on MY birthday! WooHoo!

Since I have never had a baby, if I were to become pregnant, I wouldn't know the first thing about anything. For instance, someone would have to explain to me what a Bella Band is and would I need one? Yes, I'm very naive when it comes to this stuff.

So, I would probably rely on first-time mother advice from blogs and websites. I know I would ask my co-workers advice about clothes though, because they always seem to wear the most Stylish Maternity Clothes! They look so beautiful!

It's very exciting with the anticipation, the baby pools (guessing date of birth, etc.), and the baby showers. I'm going to need to go shopping and find some baby shower gifts very soon. What do you suggest? Something like one of those Serena and Lily Baby Slings? Baby clothes? Bottles and diapers? I'm so naive.



I always go for clothing. A very safe option!

I am starting to have a sneaking admiration for the way you work these posts with adverts. They run so smoothly... very natural!


This would surely interest you: that could win you $750 worth of prize package- a sure good deal from the pup-peroni sweepstakes promo.


That's a great close-up! Have a great day!!



Buying for babies is so much fun!! I'm sure you'll pick out something fabulous!

amanda guthrie

lovely blossoms can almost smell them..

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