Thursday, May 14, 2009

They Say It Was an F-4; I Say It Was...

Something I'll never... ever forget

(c) Misty DawnS

I was on my way home from work, and there were tornado 'watches'. I then heard about a tornado touching down in a town near my home. I called home, and Hubs said that he and our house were fine. He also said that I shouldn't have trouble driving, but since I tend to worry, I might want to turn around and go back to the little country store I had just passed.

(c) Misty DawnS - YES, that's my vehicle!!!

So, I turned around (right near the water tower) and went back to the store. I sat there for a little bit and it got really dark, so I decided to go into the store. Once inside, I kept calling Hubs, and he would relay the internet radar images to me. Then the store manager's son (also a volunteer firefighter) pulled in and said "It's on the ground right THERE" and pointed.

(c) Misty DawnS

We ran back inside and went to a back office with no windows. We all huddled on the floor. We heard the hail and the rain, and then we heard the "train" (I always wondered if it really sounds like that - well, trust me, it does). The walls shook and there was a deafening, booming explosion sound, and I thought the building was going to explode. A couple had come in right before it hit, and the guy had his arms around the girl and me, kind of sheltering us (I never even got a chance to tell him thank you). We all just kept repeating to each other "It's OK. We're going to be OK. It's alright. We're going to be fine." And then, it was gone, and it was just raining.

(c) Misty DawnS

I stood up on wobbly legs and called Hubs. I said "It hit us, but I'm OK." He must have thought I was just exaggerating. I walked to the door of the store and said "The Durango's windows are gone." and Hubs asked "WHAT???" I replied, "You thought I was exaggerating when I said it hit us, didn't you." He said "Yeah."

I stood outside watching emergency vehicles fly by, helicopters fly in and out, and law enforcement stopping traffic due to the telephone and power poles/wires laying in the road.

(c) Misty DawnS

Hubs was trying to come pick me up and take me home, but he had a heck of a time getting to me, because the road was closed (you can see why).

A Chevrolet car dealership in Kirksville was completely demolished, along with several houses. The damage is unbelievable and indescribable.

(c) Misty DawnS

On another note, the tornado that touched down in in the town near home killed the wife of a man I know. My heart breaks for him.

I was told that once the tornado which hit us touched down by us, it was a half mile wide.
I'm just thankful (and still shaking).

(c) Misty DawnS



So glad you are okay. Your vehicle can be fixed, but it would be hard to replace yourself. Thanks for the photo shoot as I have not been able to find any and been looking for them all day; since, I am in the area. Glad you are fine.

Finding Pam

OMG, today's photos are even worse than yesterday. Once again, I am glad that you are safe. Hope your husband was able to pick you up soon.


Wow Misty! I am so sorry, but I am so happy that you are okay!

Sandra Carvalho

My oh my Misty!
*Big bear hug*!
Thanks God you're ok...I'm really sorry about your car...
Hope every one in your town is ok too...
Hang tough girl!


oh my god that is horrible. you must have been scared for your life.

hope you have managed to calm down now after it :(

take care m8! x


Girl, so glad you are safe! Sorry about the Durango, I know you loved it. Will keep you and all those affected in my thoughts & prayers.


Oh my gosh....I am so glad you are okay. The windows in your vehicle can be can't!!
Very good pictures you posted..
A little too close to home!!
Take care and be safe.


OMGoodness Mist I am so glad you are okay. This must have been terrifying. I feel for the guy who lost his wife... but I am also so glad is what not you. Take care. xo


Holy crap.... we saw those tornado warnings on TV last night... that was TOO close a call! We had an F4 here last year; but luckily, not near our home. Take care, and keep safe!

david mcmahon

Thank God you're both safe, Mist. I've never been through a tornado but your description and photos really take us there.

I pray for all those around you and the community you live in. Having been through the bushfires, I know the toll these events take on the wider infrastructure.

I also hope your family members (whom you mentioned in an earlier post) are touched by the hand of recovery.


Hi Misty, your photos really tell a story. It must have been terrifying but so glad you are okay.


So sorry you experienced this tragedy first hand but like others have said, at least you're safe and the car can be replaced.

Wonderful read and photos. Congrats on POTD.



Sometimes it's hard to journal such painful, terrifying experiences, but I'm glad you decided to photograph it, and tell the story. It made for a one-of-a-kind post. Sure puts all of our smaller problems in perspective doesn't it?

Glad you and yours are safe! Wonderful post.


I said it before, and I'll say it again - I'm so thankful that you are OK!!!

Tornadoes have always scared me. Luckily I've never actually experienced one, and after reading about your experience, I'm very glad!

Margaret's Ramblings

What an incredible experience. I have been in a number of earthquakes and know that when nature unleashes her fury you feel so helpless



ohh my Goddd...what an experience...
glad u r safe...

there are some people in the the man who sheltered you.. you just come and go..we never get a chance to thank them...but they make a place in r memories...

ur post is described so well...that i could actually feel i was hearing the "train" and feeling the shivers...

great job... and glad that u r safe :)


congrats on being the POTD at David's :)


Hi, I'm Debbie. I came over from David's authorblog. What a powerful post. I'm glad you are ok. Blessings to you. Congrats on the Post of the Day Award.

Sniffles and Smiles

Oh, my goodness!!! I'm so glad you're okay!!!! This was a fantastic post! Congrats on POTD! I'm so glad David led us here!!!! Phenomenal story... Absolutely lovely blog! Hope that recovery isn't too difficult for everyone! May God bless you ~Janine XO

From the Old InkWell

What an awful experience you will never forget. You have a gifted ability to captivate your audience. Congrats on POTD!

Eddie Bluelights

Gosh! This is a post which is so real and exciting. What an experience and I am so glad you were not injured.
Congratulations on POTD ~ Eddie


Oh wow! So glad that you you are ok. What a scary situation to be in.


Very, very scary...

I'm so glad you are okay !


I'm glad to hear that you are okay! That must have been terrifying - the photos alone are enough to make me glad that I live in a more or less tornado-free country.

Paige Vitulli

I live in hurricane country and understand the trauma. My prayers are with you and all affected.

Adrienne Zwart

Oh, Misty I'm so glad you are okay. When I saw your Camera Critters post, I realized something big was going on in your world and I needed to scroll down to see what happened. (I haven't blogged since last week, so I missed it.)
How frightened you must have been! Stories like this make me grateful for God's protection even amidst the most powerful of storms.

storyteller's other blog

Oh my goodness! I'm relieved to know you're okay. What a harrowing event!
Hugs and blessings,

i beati

how do you sleep?/sandy


OMG, Misty, that must have been terrifying! And unreal! I am so glad you are ok. And wow, the damage it did...and your poor friend's wife...and half a mile wide?! Woowzers. I'm glad I didn't SEE it. I would have peed in my pants.


I'm so glad you're ok.

The Explorer

Misty, it is good to know that you're ok and your family despite this tragedy. My country used to have typhoons (our version for tornado in trophical country), it is natural calamity that we don't have control.


sounds like a terrifying experience! I am glad that you are ok. stay well!


OMG Misty! That must have been really terrifying. So glad you are okay. Those photos show how enormous the forces of nature are. Truly shocking!


Very scary situation- but you definitely do have a lot to be thankful for. Great post.

Found you via Authorblog.

♥ Boomer ♥

Goodness!!! How frightening! Congrats on POTD, but especially on surviving the horrible storm!!

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