Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Depression Doesn't Always Mean 'Depressed'

I've been kind of weird lately. One moment, I will be confident, proud, and full of ideas, and, a few moments later, I will feel overwhelmed, worried, and like I can't keep up with things. I know this is part of the depression. Yes, believe it or not, being a victim of 'depression' doesn't mean that you are constantly sad and crying. Depression is actually a complex mixture of feelings and generally involves moodswings. Sometimes, simply being inspired by something or someone, such as motivational speakers, helps pull me out of the slump. Generally, a long and reflective nature photography walk is very helpful. However, sometimes it seems like when I get myself pulled out of the slump, I accidentally slip and fall back in again.

Please, don't get me wrong. I am not 'depressed' in the way most people think when they hear the term. I'm not 'sad'. I'm just... here. I have ideas and goals, but then get too overwhelmed by things to even take one step towards accomplishing anything. I get so many things on my plate that a simple, routine task such as washing the dishes, which will take a few minutes, can actually seem very overwhelming. Maybe I need to listen to some celebrity speakers who have overcome obstacles and reached for their goals and dreams.

Hmmmm, maybe they can give me some speaking tips too, since I'll have to take a speech class for part of my college degree. A speech class requirement for an online degree... makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Pfffft

I have a feeling though that I will come back from my trip with a whole new outlook. It will be great 'medicine' for me, I'm sure. So... no worries ;-)



I know exactly what you mean. Depression can mean a wide variety of things from crying to being unmotivated. It's insidious and sneaks up on you. I am totally with you on the overwhelming feeling. So much to do, don't know where to start, so nothing gets done. Sigh.

Enjoy your trip!!!! It will be great medicine for you. ♥


I understand how you feel Misty and thank you for posting on this topic.


Just try and pace yourself Mist - I know exactly what you mean and it's that feeling of nothingness rather than sadness that defines depression for me.
Don't push the boundaries and just try to get some relaxation. Sending you hugs across the pond.
(((((((( *Mist* )))))))))))

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