Monday, June 1, 2009

Flight Grounded...

I just need to vent. So, please be patient with me....
As you know, there has been a lot of stress in my life lately. I was REALLY, REALLY looking forward to (and needing) my trip back to Ohio for my birthday and my dad's birthday.
Well, I originally could get a round-trip, non-stop, ticket (at the times I needed) for around $250. So, that was great. Then I made the mistake of seeing this promotion for $50 off if you signed up for a credit card. Being the money-saver I am, I signed up for the card in order to save the $50. Then, had to wait for the card in order to the have the card number to pay for the ticket (still don't have the card, by the way).
THEN I see that in my eagerness to save money, I didn't notice the short little sentence that says "$85 annual fee". Well... that took care of that - the card won't be activated, because I'm not going to spend $85 to "save" $50!!!
SO, NOW... the ticket I could afford that would get me to my desperately needed visit with my family is not available. In fact, to get the non-stop tickets at the times I need (yes, time of day is an issue), it would be almost $400!
So, now... I don't know what I'm going to do - I can't afford that.
I might not be able to go... (insert breaking heart here)
I'm little - don't take up much room at all... You think they'd let me in the luggage compartment???

Thanks for 'listening' to me vent.



I'm so sorry Mist! We'll try to think of something. Big hugs! Love ya Dork!


8v( More later


Sorry to hear. I had an issue last summer that ended up costing a lot more money than it should have.

However, I have been known to come up with good prices that will work... I sometimes think of really odd options that work. So if you are interested... drop me a line and we can discuss the details... grace.slick91 at


Dang! I hope it all works out so that you can go! That bites!

Adrienne Zwart

Have you checked flying into Youngstown or Pittsburgh instead? Some friends of ours did that recently and saved quite a bit.

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