Monday, June 8, 2009

Heads or Tails *Tune*

Heads Or Tails

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The theme this week is HEADS - Tune

This JUNE 9 Heads or Tails is dedicated to a very special and important person in my life - Bear. Why is it dedicated to him? Well... let me tell ya... it's a secret, and I'm not one to give out secrets, or spill the beans, or open my big mouth... but.........


(and I ain't whistlin' a tune of dixie either!)

(c) Misty DawnS

If I could carry a tune,
I'd sing a song,
just for you.

I'd sing it loud.
I'd sing it clear,
and I'd sing it proud.

If I could carry a tune, I'd sing a song
and it would tell of a friendship
that is special, true, and strong.

It would tell of two friends
meant to find each other
and remain til the end.

It would tell of things shared
such as dreams, jokes, trust,
ideas, knowledge, and care.

If I could carry a tune
I'd sing a song today,
on this special day in June.

In that tune I'd strongly say,
you mean the world to me,
and I'd wish you Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAR. You truly do mean the world to me.

Y'all wanna see some fantastic photography? Click on Bear's Link and prepare to have your breath taken away. You can thank me later ;-)



What a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Bear!



Beautiful flowers snapped on a beautiful day! Happy Birthday Bear!


Happy Birthday, Bear!!! It's a good thing Misty is singing and not me. All her dogs would be howling if it was me. :)


Happy Birthday Bear!


Happy Birthday, Bear. Great words.

Hootin' Anni

This is super. Love your tune 'lyrics'....AND want to add my Happy Birthday wishes for Bear, along with all the others.

Mine's posted.


Wonderful tribute to Bear. HB to you Bear. Oh... good thing you can keep a secret...LOL


*blush* Thanks 8v)


Happy Birthday, Bear! Nice post...


Happy Birthday Bear!

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