Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's Declare a National Vacation Day

Have you ever seen the movie The Bucket List? Thanks to my wonderful and thoughtful friend Bear, I received a surprise package which contained this movie. In the movie, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman have both been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. So, they begin making a "bucket list" of all the things they want to do before they 'kick the bucket'. While accomplishing the things they listed, they basically travel around the world, doing different activities and seeing different things.

Hubs and I have a little inside joke that is similar to the idea of this movie. Since money is extremely tight right now, we can't afford to do many things we would like to do. So, I will always joke and say something like, "Before I die, you're going to take me to a Martina McBride concert, right?". Yes, I saw her at the Grand Ole Opry, but that doesn't count, because it wasn't a full concert! Anyway... one of the things on my list is Australia. I so, so, so want to visit Australia! Another thing on my list is getting to meet and hang out with Bear and Tammy in person. Guess what... Australia is on their lists too! So... wouldn't it just be major cool if we all went to Australia together?!?!

Well, if I won the Save Our Summer Vacation contest, I'd be sending instant messages to my buddies telling them to pack their bags! All you have to do to enter is browse the HomeAway Vacation Rentals, pick the one you would choose, and then submit a photo, video, or story telling why you deserve to win. The winner will receive a $10,000 getaway, and two runners-up will receive a $5,000 trip. You can bet I'm going to enter. You should too. What have you got to lose?

While you're at the site entering the contest, make sure you sign their petition to have August 7 declared as "National Vacation Day". You see, HomeAway is campaigning to have Congress declare this national holiday. They believe that we all deserve to take a break from the stress, especially in this economy. I like the sounds of that! I think the world needs a National Vacation Day!



On your way to Australia you're gonna stop by and say hi to me, right? I have ice cream that's not melted.

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