Monday, June 15, 2009

My Swimsuit is Packed and I'm Ready!

I love Summer! I love the warm weather, wearing sandals, opening the windows, fishing, and wearing shorts and swimsuits! The fact that my birthday is this month, gives me even more reason to look forward to Summer! As most of you know, this year, on my birthday, I am flying to Nashville to spend a couple days with my aunt. Then, I am flying back to Ohio to spend time with my dad! I can't wait!

Yesterday, I started looking through my summer clothes to figure out what I wanted to pack for my trip. One of the first things I packed was my favorite swimsuit. I love my swimsuit. You see, I've always had a horrible time when shopping for swimwear, because I'm so little... which means... well... everything is little ;-) In other words, swimsuits are not very flattering to me.

I lucked out a couple years ago, though. My aunt and I were shopping and I was looking through some bathing suits on clearance, and I actually found a bikini that I really love! I couldn't believe it. I probably should have bought several of the same suit but in different colors. Otherwise, now I'll probably wear the same one for the rest of my life, because I'll never find another one that I actually like on me. LOL



I'm so glad you're getting to go! have fun!

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