Monday, July 27, 2009

Labradoodles and Designer Dogs

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a dog addict. Seriously - I've never met a dog I didn't like. Anyone who doesn't know me will probably get a little hint just by reading the title of my blog. I have three Border Collies, and they are my 'kids'. They truly own my heart, and they truly keep me sane. No matter how hard of a day I'm having, when I see my 'kids' come running to see me, my heart melts and my worries take a back burner.

My addiction doesn't just stop with Border Collies though. I've had mixed breeds, a Golden Retriever, a Great Pyrenees, a Boston Terrier, and several different dogs when I was growing up. There are many, many breeds of dogs which I would be thrilled to bring into my family. In fact, one of my dreams is to run a dog rescue. Since that's not a profitable dream, I'm meeting some resistance on that one. hehe

When I first started hearing about dogs people were referring to as "designer dogs", I was a bit concerned and skeptical. My concerns and skepticism no longer exist though, because I've met several people who have one of the various 'designer dog' breeds and/or have knowledge and experience to share with me.

The list of 'designer dogs' continues to grow. These dogs are usually (but not always) Poodle crosses, meaning it's either a Standard or Miniature Poodle crossed with another breed of dog. Some of the most popular are Labradoodles (Labrador X Poodle), Golden Doodles (Golden Retriever X Poodle), Puggles (Pug X Beagle), Schnoodles (Miniature Schnauzer X Poodle, and the Maltipoo (Maltese X Poodle).

One of the crosses I've heard a lot about is the Labradoodle. There are actually two types of Labradoodle. There are the Labrador and Poodle crosses. However, there is also the Australian Labradoodle, which was created by an Australian breeding team in an attempt to create a winning show dog breed. The Australian Labradoodle is made up of six different breeds of dogs.

As I said, our Labradoodles (or the designer dog creation of Labradoodles) are a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle. However, this breed has been around for long enough now that it has become its own breed and is not considered a cross any longer.

I know some people who have Labradoodles, and they say they are excellent dogs. One common thing I've heard is that these dogs are very intelligent and easy to train. Another great thing is that their coats are non-allergic. So, someone with allergies could still have a dog as a companion.

So, my opinion of designer dogs has come a long way, especially when I hear firsthand experience promoting these dogs. Do you have any experience with these dogs? I'd love to hear what you have to say.



All I know is they can't be shown as they are not recognized breeds. But I really like some of the mixes. :)


Wait!!! You like dogs? Really??? ;o)
That sounds like a cute dog.

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