Monday, July 27, 2009

Macro Monday *Mystery Ball Flower*

(c) Misty DawnS

I have absolutely no idea what this flower/plant is, but it is really cool looking. It's also a really great photography subject, as you can see. In fact, my Macro Monday posts on both of my blogs are flowers which I don't know the name of, yet they make really neat photo subjects. Both of the flowers in my posts today grow back by my pond, in the area where we planted our blackberry and raspberry bushes. Nope, we don't have any berries yet, but we have flowers! hehe

If you'd like to join in with Macro Monday, just click on the badge at the top of this post. It's loads of fun, and you'll soon find yourself looking at things differently and planning macros specifically for this meme. :-)



Interesting plant, Misty. Looks like it might be something from the Ironweed family. But I know nothing about plants.


Wow this is amazing, what ever it is it looks as tho it may bloom any time now (to me it looks like all those little tips are buds) lovely macro this week!


That is amazing! I wonder if it will bloom more or if that is is?
Jessie at Blog Schmog






Misty that is stunning! Not sure what it is but wow!


That is pretty cool looking!


Great capture. It may be some species from the Allium family (like leek or chives), some are grown as decorative plants.

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