Saturday, July 25, 2009

Organizational Leadership

As many of you know, I attend college online. I absolutely LOVE the opportunity to get a degree online. Without the opportunity to attend online college, I wouldn't have the time or ability to go back to school to gain extra knowledge and obtain a degree.

Therefore, I take note of the various online colleges and online degrees available. One online degree available is the Organizational development degree through Gonzaga Online College. This degree program goes beyond a traditional business degree. It brings teachings from social science, business, communications, and arts together to create a graduate who is ready to become a leading professional in any organization of any field. For these reasons, the Organizational Leadership Masters Degree is broader than the Organizational Development Degree, and this provides for more professional credentials and broader career paths.

If you are like me, and don't think you have time to go back to school, yet you need to broaden your horizons and arm yourself with the skills to advance, you may seriously want to research online degrees. It may give you the opportunities you didn't think were available to you.



I think it's wonderful that you are doing an on-line college course. Thanks for sharing this information.


Gorgeous "?" Misty. 8v)


I know several people who are involved in online college courses and they all love it! Good for you!


I love the online thing! My daughter is currently working on a degree while tending two babies. :)

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