Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sharing, Learning, and Savings with Reloading

When I was young, one of my favorite things to do with my dad was help him with his reloading. You see, my dad would reload his own shells for his guns. I learned a lot from him about guns and reloading, and I felt important because I was really helping him. When I married my husband, and my dad learned that he is also interested in reloading, they began sharing reloading manuals.

Eventually, my husband is going to set up his own reloading area in our home. So, I look forward to helping him with his reloading too. He has already purchased some of the items he needs, like some of the reloading dies for the shells he will be reloading.

However, I'm sure we will need to find a place to use on a regular basis when we need to order more reloading supplies, such as powder, shells, etc. So, I found the website for Sinclair International, and I'm going to have Hubs take a look.

At Sinclair International, you can order from the website, or you can also request a catalog. From what I have seen on their website, they offer a very extensive amount of reloading equipment, supplies, and accessories. They even have DVD's and videos, in addition to their manuals and reference books. Even if you are new to the reloading experience, you can learn. Everyone has to start somewhere!

If you are a hunter, target shooter, or gun collector, you will find that not only is reloading interesting, rewarding, and enjoyable... it will also save you money. If your spouse also enjoys similar things, you may even find it to be something you share and enjoy doing together. Or, it would be a wonderful experience for you to share with your child. I know I'm a female, but looking through the numerous supplies offered by Sinclair International brought back some wonderful memories of time spent with my dad.


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