Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Track the Bugs

Many of my online friends are very talented at webdesign. I'm always in awe of their talents and knowledge of creating their own websites and understanding of scripts and software, such as wiki software. I hope to, some day, be knowledgeable in webdesign, as well. In fact, I'm currently taking online college courses to obtain my webdesign certification.

One thing I have learned is that things happen. There will most generally be problems which rear their heads and will need to be resolved. This is why any true web developer needs to keep current with and have methods for issue tracking.

Speaking of problems, we all know about bugs. No, I'm not talking about the bugs I photograph. ;-) I'm referring to those wonderful viruses with which our computers can become infected. However, this isn't just limited to your computer. You websites can get bugs too! You can get infected from corrupt programs, scripts, e-mails, or even hackers. So, of course, having some bug tracking software in place is pretty much a must have.

A company called Atlassian have all three of these software tools available at one website. I have not used these tools, as I do not have the knowledge and understanding yet. However, I believe that these three types of tools would be beneficial to everyone from individual website owners to forums to corporations. Everyone needs to track their bugs! Right? ;-)


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