Saturday, August 22, 2009

Camera-Critters #72

* * Warning - If you have a fear of bats, then you will want to skip this Camera-Critters post * *

These little critters are hanging out at the university where I work.
We have a helipad in between buildings, and these guys are hanging in the corners of the building. Don't be afraid; they don't bother anyone.

They just hang out. That's all.

(c) Misty DawnS

There are three in one corner and two in another corner. I got upset because I saw some of the maintenance guys spraying out there, but it turns out they were just spraying a bee's nest.

(c) Misty DawnS

I think the species is Little Brown Bat.
They are quite little - about the size of a mouse.
You'll think I'm crazy, but I think they're cute.
It's OK, I've accepted that y'all think I'm batty.... errrr crazy. hehe
(c) Misty DawnS

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Why yes, I do have a fear of bats.. but I faced my fear and looked at your photos.

When I was in college (in the Adirondacks) I took the screen out of my window for more fresh air? and one night after a few too many at a dorm party, I was woken by something flying around my room. After quite a hysterically funny time with other dorm mates, we did not find the bat... next night, same thing.... 3rd night, heard a scratching in my closet and it had founds it's way into a cardboard box and was sleeping there during the day! We were able to remove the bat in the box with no harm to anyone!


COOL shots.

My entry this week : in HERE. I hope you have time to visit. Thanks

Adrienne Zwart

They are cute, but we had them invade our basement, of all places, winter before last. Apparently they found a gap underneath our deck above the walk-out basement and decided to hibernate there for the winter. Trouble was, anytime the temperature climbed above 45, they would wake up, become disoriented and fly around the basement level of the house. Not good! After we were sure they were coming out each night, a humane wildlife control company sealed up the gaps leaving a net over one opening in case one decided not to come out right away. (The bats come out through the net, but can't find their way back in.) Then he came back in two weeks to seal up the remaining gap.

I'm fairly certain that they still live under the deck in that same corner, but at least they can't get into the house any longer. I think they have really cute faces, but I prefer them outside! :)

These are super photos, Misty!


Great photos, Misty! I'm a bat fan. We used to find them on the campus at UTMB, but they were dead -- that's a no-no -- dead bats are usually rabid done in our world.

Gemma Wiseman

I must admit, the very few bats I have seen (in Tasmania) spooked me! But seeing them resting like this with cute faces (which I didn't see when they flew low in the darkness) makes me agree with you Misty! Interesting post!

Hootin' Anni

I love bats!!!! I remember a long time ago, our Biology class took a field trip to explore caves,and there were bats. Our teacher 'netted one' and we all got hands on experience holding it. They are soooooooooo soft!!!!

My C C is's Tahoe being bored and gettin' into trouble....again.

i beati

special captures there lady


Those little ones ARE cute.

Would you believe? My nephew is working on a PhD about bats at Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem.


I always thought they looked like little flying dogs. I see some flying around on summer nights but I wish there were more (It would help cut down on mosquitoes)


Very funny and lovely shots :)))
They are looking so CUTE !!

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EG CameraGirl

I think bats are cute. Few of the negative stories about them are true. Nice photos.


Hehehe! They are kinda cute & they kill mosquitoes, so they're our friends!!! I don't mind bats at all & I'd get upset too if I thought someone was trying to kill them! I'm glad the maint. guys weren't!


Yes, Misty, you are a little batty 8v) But then I think bats are cute myself.

storyteller at Small Reflections

Yes they're cute and yezzz you're just a little 'batty' ... but your photos remind me of the bats living in the eaves of my sister-in-law's house that kept getting inside her house. That was NOT much fun no matter how cute these critters are!
Hugs and blessings,

Coy Hill

Cool critters Misty!

We don’t see bats very often on the blogs.

The wetlands that I frequent has three large bat boxes which are full of bats each summer. Even with all of the stagnant water in the marsh I have yet to be bit there by a mosquito and I believe that those bats have everything to do with it.

Raising Addie

Bats are soooo cool!

It is rare that we see them flying around.

Great pix!

Chasing my tale...
Addie, Lucie, and Hailey


I'm not really a bat fan, but I think these are nice shots. Thanks for sharing.

Maybe you have time to visit my blog and say hello.

Hugs, Sonny




Once a bat got in our house! Luckily, my cat Daisy May got it.


Once a bat got in our house! Luckily, my cat Daisy May got it.

Maude Lynn

I love bats! These are marvelous pictures!


Those are great pictures. I can't believe how close they are.

I'm back. I'll be participating in camera critters for sure next saturday with our new puppy.

I'm back

see you then.


Oh...they are so CUTE! And furry. Our bats down here are so furry. Wonder why. hmmm...don't know but I like yours better!


So cute!!

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