Saturday, September 19, 2009

Camera-Critters #76

* * Edited to Add - My friends, Matouk is alive and well. When I say I miss him so much, it's because he and my dad are in Ohio... 750 miles away. So, I miss them both a LOT. * *

(c) Misty DawnS

I was needing a wolf-fix. ;-) I miss that guy up there in the photo. I miss those amber eyes staring into mine and reading my thoughts. I miss his goofy antics and his soulful songs. I miss taking long walks with him and observing him in the surroundings that he loves so much. I miss sitting on the patio furniture and watching him and Dad interact with each other; they are truly best friends who were meant to be brought together. *sigh* Well, in honor of missing Matouk - I'm going to do exactly what he'd want me to do... I'm going for a nature walk.

Don't forget Heads or Tails on Tuesday, Looking at the Sky on Friday, and for your weekend enjoyment...

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Adrienne Zwart

He is beautiful! Nature walks can be so soothing, can't they, Misty? --Such a great way to quiet your spirit.


He is wonderful. I still miss my old dogs and always think of them running around and having fun. Thanks for sharing your Misty.


This animal looks like he was strong and very alert. Beautiful canine!


What a handsome fellow! A nature walk sounds like a good way to celebrate Matouk. Thanks, Misty.


What a beauty! A walk sounds like a good way to remeber your friend.

Susan at Stony River

What a beautiful photo of a gorgeous dog! A dogless house does seem terribly empty when we're used to their company---I hope you enjoyed the walk and that they have a safe ride home again.

(and, thanks for the edit! phew!)


He is quite handsome. I'm glad you clarified that although he is away, he will return!


He is gorgeous, and his eyes are amazing!



I would miss him too.

What a handsome fellow.


He is such a handsome animal! I love this photo. I want to reach out and stroke his gorgeous hair.


Beautiful portrait of Matouk. He's one fine wolf.


A lovely adorable wolf (*winks)


He sure looks like a wolf. Hope you enjoyed your walk.


His eyes are very deep and intelligent - at the other end, he's probably missing you, too :)


Matouk, what a strong name and a handsome, beautiful dog. Nature walks are also my saving grace. My spirits soar when I am on one of them. Hope you are having a great weekend Misty.

Stine in Ontario

I can see why you'd miss those lovely eyes. ;-) What a good looking dog!


beautiful tribute to matouk

Dancin Fool

How beautiful. And funnily enough just what I have been doing today, looking at pictures of my old and first dog and remembering all the amazing walks! Happy weekend to you.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~

Matouk is gorgoeus. He has such lovely eyes.


What a beautiful animal. I love his expressive eyes.

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