Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heads or Tails *Book*

Heads Or Tails

If you click on the graphic above, it will take you to the awesome HoT blog where you can sign up and start participating in this fun and popular meme! You can order those horse supplements for your equine pets at any time - but you can only play HoT on Tuesday!

This week's theme is HEADS - Book. So, I thought I'd tell you about a book which I'm anticipating greatly. It is by Sara Donati and is a part of her Wilderness Series (which many of you have heard me go on obsessively about in the past). Sara Donati says this will be the last book of the series (*sniff* *sob*), but I'm hoping that Hannah and the rest of the characters insist on another. ;-)

There it is, and I can't wait! It is supposed to be published in early 2010. Lately, I haven't had time to read for enjoyment, and I've missed that part of my life greatly. However, I will MAKE time to read this book... which I'm sure I'll finish in one weekend, as I have with her other books of this series.


Calico Crazy

I hate when a great series ends. I've never read these, I will have to check them out.

Calico Contemplations

annies home

sounds like an interisting read


Aw! It is sad to be the last one. Enjoy! Perhaps you can re-read them.


I like the name Hannah, ya know.


One of these days I am going to read this series. I AM!

Le Butterfly

Great to hear that you will be making that time!

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