Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Results...

I'm going to tell you the results of the fair photography contest...

Just Kidding!!! I don't know yet!!!

However, I will know sometime tonight, because my aunt-in-law is going to the fair and is supposed to call me with the photography contest results. So, when I know, you will know. I promise.

 I did submit a photo of the Novinger/Kirksville tornado destruction. I'm not sure if that photo will do well though, because it is a pretty emotional photo... especially if you were in and survived the tornado.

The main categories we are looking for results in are the animal, floral, and people categories. You got your fingers crossed???



You tease!!!! Yes, my fingers are crossed!


I'm wondering if there were any results from the contest yet...even if you didn't win, you've won over us!!


I love your deer picturs, they are cute hiding behind the hay. Good luck with the contest.



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