Friday, October 9, 2009

Camera-Critters #79

It's that time of year again for our farm... calving time. We are 'fall calvers'. Well, we personally aren't, but the cows on our farm are. So, every fall (we certainly hope and pray), we drive through our fields, watching out for little black speed bumps...

I often get met with a bit of attitude.
"Hey lady, zctly whatchoo think yur lookin at?"

(c) Misty DawnS

As we drive, we try to count how many calves we have thus far. That always becomes interesting, because, you see, calves and cows are living creatures, and... they move. Try as I may, I can NOT get the cows and calves trained to line up for attendance. Nope, just ain't happenin'.

"Can't see you! Can't see you!
If I can't see you - you can't see me!"
(c) Misty DawnS

"OK Lady, I'm standin, but I ain't linin' up!"
(c) Misty DawnS

If all works as it should, our fields should be dotted with around
90 calves by the end of calving season.

These, are the bulls. They are in a pasture by our house right now.
I'm really no interest to them. Thank goodness
(c) Misty DawnS

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Mom Knows Everything

OMG they are so cute!!! Bring me one! I'm sure John wouldn't mind another pet. ;o)

Sandy Kessler

dear dear face I'm a vegetarian


Great shots of the calves, they are so cute. Cool shot of the cows and the moon.
Thanks for hosting and for sharing your critters.


Nice captures!

Adrienne Zwart

The calf is so sweet! Love that last shot, too.


they really need to learn to raise their hands and be counted ;)

Coy Hill

Wow, thats a lot of calves to keep track of! Nice looking animals to.

My dad has a small herd of over two dozen on our family farm and he counts the herd at least a couple of times each day but then he really isn't a farmer any more. Now that he is 82 his cattle are just big pets.


Cute photos of the calves, and a lovely one of the moon over the pasture.
We don't have cows, but we live in a rural area and I love watching the calves play when they're very young.

Jenn Jilks

So cute!


Cool shots!


I LOVE the look on the face of the calf! Great shots!


Nice shot of the bulls at moonrise.


Cute calves indeed!
I just love that last shot - beautiful!


That's a lot of calves!


Such cute calves! Great shots :-)


Those baby cows are very cute!


they are cute little calves aren't they. I always thought calving season was more of a spring thing.

Nikki - Notes of Life

Great shots! I loved the commentary too! Nope, animals just won't do what they're told, will they?!

Calico Crazy

They are so sweet! Makes you just want to hug them. I'm sure they'd appreciate that. Great story to go with the photos.

Calico Contemplations


I love going to the farm I think that is where real fun happens.

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~

They are very cute, it must be so nice seeing so many young calves around.


This is a wonderful blog, my first visit and I'll be back..the photos are priceless..

Dorothy from grammology


Cute little calves!

Reader Wil

Lovely! Young animals are such innocent creatures!


Lovely calves ... and moon lit evening too.
Hugs and blessings,


Excellent subjects, and a very familiar sight. My dad has a lot of cows on the family farm, too.


Calves are just too cute! Nice captures!

Kerri Farley

Oh I just love the babies! Adorable!


Those calves are very cute. Our neighbors used to have longhorn cattle and I miss seeing the colorful cattle and the calves racing around together.


They are just so adorable!

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