Saturday, October 31, 2009

Camera-Critters #82

(c) Misty DawnS

I really enjoy going with Hubs when it's time to check cows. This means we drive through the pasture, making sure that no cows are having trouble giving birth and no calves have been born and ignored a.k.a. orphaned. Every once in awhile, we get an orphan calf who needs bottle fed, but not very often. Our herd seems to consist of some good mothers, who can be rather protective of their young uns. I love watching when "Mom" loses track of her baby, because it wandered too far away. She'll let out a bellowing moo, and all of a sudden, you'll see this little shiny black baby come running just as fast as its little legs will carry it. Then, Mom checks it over to make sure its O.K., and she probably gives it a little lecture about not getting out of sight like that anymore. ;-) They are protective of their babies, and there seems to be a sense of pride too. It's kind of like when humans have a baby. I can just hear the debates in the pastures... "My bull can beat up your bull." or "My heifer is prettier than your heifer." *sigh* I think maybe I think about cows too much.


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Misty: I love to see any little ones of all critters.


AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! *running off yelling Mikeeeeeeee....*

Coming back...

Happy Halloweeeeeen!


Misty, the calves are so cute, especially when they are close to "Mom" Great photo and thanks for hosting Camera Critters.


I love cows -- their eyes! My grandmother raised Angus cattle and your post brought back nice memories!


I watched a longhorn calf jump over its momma's horns yesterday on my way to work. The babies are so cute and do the rascaliest things!

Chubskulit Rose

It would be nice to see babies of them..

Here's my Camera Critters entry. Have a spooky one!


I don't have cows, but am surrounded by my neighbor's herd. The calves are cute and fun to watch, but the cows can be a major pain when they come a visiting.

Nature in the Ozarks

Teena in Toronto

Not too many cows in my 'hood :)

I played too :)


How sweet. I grew up next to a dairy farm, and it was not uncommon for us to wake up in the morning to find a calf in our yard or on our patio and to hear the momma bellowing! We would call the farmer and they would dispatch one of the kids to come and get the calf! I learned the "facts of life" very early on living near that farm - both the procreation and birth process were in full view many times!


Adrienne Zwart

Awww, love the mom and calf, Misty.

We love Luna

I love cows, because my mommy Léia grow up in a farm in Brazil!
Here in Luxembourg I have met several adorable friends like these cows in your picture!
Happy Camera Critters
purrs and love
( and be safe, it's Halloween!)
Luna - We love Luna

Maia T

Nice photo and words. The mother cow looks so big from this low angle.
Have a great weekend!


Aw, cute pic of mom and baby. I'm always impressed by what good moms cows are.


They are out-standing in their field! lol :)


good shot for SOOC Sunday. TC

Calico Crazy

What an adorable pair. My grandparents lived in northern Vermont when I was young and I grew up loving cows, I kind of miss them now.

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I love cows. I have to fight not to pull over every time I pass a pasture full of them.

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