Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Guilty, Worry, & Flu

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Guilt is a nasty thing with which I'm all too familiar. I'm home sick, yet again today, and I feel major guilty. Taking off two days in a row is something I just don't do. Am I sick? Yes. Would I feel more guilty if I went to work and someone else got sick as a result? Definitely. Will worrying and feeling guilty help the situation? Nope, not at all. However, I still can't shake the guilt I feel of not being at work. Talk about dedication, eh?

Before you start lecturing me about going to the doctor... I called a medical clinic, and the doctor advised that since I have no other major medical concerns, I need to just stay home and take over the counter medication. He said that since I am past 48 hours after the symptoms, they wouldn't give me the flu medicine. He also said that his son had this too, and they treated him at home, because he had missed the 48 hour window too. Geesh - everyone is sick. Also from what I've been reading and told, H1N1 comes with a high fever. My fever goes up and down, and at its highest is only around 100. So, I'm thinking I just have the regular seasonal flu, which I hope will be over very soon. I just want to get back to work. Even if I feel icky, I can work... I just need this bungi-cording fever to go away so I can go back and not worry about making others sick.

Guilt and worry... I think those are my middle names! Geesh


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