Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Michelle Obama Wears a Toy Watch

Photo courtesy of:
J.R. Dunn Jewelers

Do you recognize the watch in the above photo? If you are a fashion follower, then you probably recognized the watch immediately. That watch (and the wearer of that watch) has sparked a new fashion trend. The watch is called a toy watch. The well-known wearer of the watch who has been sparking many fashion trends? Well, she happens to be married to the President of the United States! Yep, the one and only Michelle Obama has been seen wearing this watch, and it has caused the popularity of the toy watch to soar. I'm sure you can guess my favorite thing about this watch... yep, it's purple! They are not all purple though; there are many different exciting colors and designs.

If you are a fashion follower, you'll want to check out these watches. They're going to be a big fall fashion trend according to NBC. They've become a big hit in Hollywood because they are fun, whimsical and exciting.

This isn't the first fashion trend Michelle Obama has started though. The fashion junkies have been watching her since she became the First Lady. AOL Beauty and Style even posted to tell readers how to 'get the look' after Michelle Obama visited the Jay Leno Tonight Show wearing J. Crew.

Our First Lady has admitted that she realizes she sets trends in the fashion world. What I think is interesting is that she says that she shops online! Here I thought only people like me, who live in the middle of nowhere, do their shopping online!



A purple watch..hehehe.


I don't live in the middle of nowhere... and I shop on line a lot. I guess I don't watch (hee hee) a lot of TV... had no idea what type of watch Wife of POTUS wore. My daughter will be happy to know that it's purple.

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