Monday, November 9, 2009

Mourning Appliances

Ugh. Our desktop computer died last night.
No, really... it's dead. There's no life support available for it. It's a lost cause.
It lived a good nine years, and we treated it well during that time.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. So, Hubs went to the basement and brought up the old computer that we had before the now deceased computer.
However, that didn't work either, as that computer is so old it doesn't even have an ethernet connection. *sigh*
Hubs also informed me that his cordless drill, which he uses constantly for work, died on Friday. Another appliance died too, but right now I forget what it was.
So, there's the three...
You see, my BFF and I used to notice that things regularly happened to us in threes. I didn't realize that it applied to dying appliances too, but apparently it does.
Poor, poor appliances.
You served us well.
You will be greatly missed... more than you know!
(UGH - I need an interim desktop computer!!!)



My computer is ailing. Talk Mike into getting me a new one and I'll mail this one to ya'll.


That happens here too. As soon as any appliance dies, I just wait for the inevitable next two to join them. Then I feel safe for a while.


And may the appliances rest in peac. Hope you can find a desktop replacement!

Nikki Neurotic

Here's hoping you find a replacement soon!

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