Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Co-Worker is Obsessed... With Black Friday

My office partner is absolutely crazy about Christmas. O.K., a LOT of people are crazy about Christmas, but this girl is absolutely obsessed with Black Friday. I am not exaggerating here. She.Is.Obsessed. I think she dreams about Black Friday. For real.

She has even taken the time to train some fellow co-workers on what they need to do to prepare the proper strategy and then carry out that strategy on Black Friday. Seriously - when it comes to Black Friday, she's that good. I tell her that she could start a business as a Black Friday Consultant and Counselor.

Do you get up early and fight the crowds to get the good deals on Black Friday? Are you going this year? What deals are you looking for this year - computers? appliances? jewelry? toys? Inquiring minds want to know... especially since I'll be sleeping in. Hey, if I give you my list, will you pick up my stuff too?


Villas Girl

Hi Misty! I used to go to the mall, but wised up. I will go to our local stores, but that's it.
A friend was talking about camping out in front of a store, just to be the first 100 people to get$300.00 off a TV. The TV isn't worth it to me. Lisa


I'll stay out of the stores if at all possible. I'd rather do without or pay more than fight the crowds.


great shot!


Kim, USA

Great blue sky what a good shot you've got here.
About black Friday, I haven't into one yet. I would love to try but looking at the people lined up getting up early, and here in MI it might snow if not it is still cold here...I do have a list but I don't want to be shove and shove people so I better stay at home I guess and check later. But I still do like to listen to your co-worker what are those secrets and advices on what to do on Black Friday ^_^ Happy weekend!

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