Wednesday, November 4, 2009

True Colours Thursday *Canary Yellow*

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This week's color prompt is:
Canary Yellow
(c) Misty DawnS

I've been getting into taking photos of the changing leaves lately. Something I never really photographed before, but the colors keep catching my eye this year. So, whenever something catches my eye, I photograph it, whether it be animals, tractors, a cemetery gate (yes, I have lots of those photos), or even an interesting rock... and, yes, now we add leaves to that list.

On thing I do NOT care for about this time of year is the time change. I must admit that the time change this year seems to be affecting me more than it ever has in previous years. It is just very depressing to me to literally watch the entire process of the sun setting during my drive home (my drive home is 45 minutes). To me, the sun setting signifies the end of my day. I guess this is because I prefer to be outside, and if it's dark, I'm not outside. So, now, after leaving work, I feel like my day is over, when earlier I'd still have a couple hours of daylight left. Oh well, I shouldn't complain... I just miss having a little bit of daylight left after getting home from work. I guess this just means I'll have to appreciate and take advantage of the weekends even more!


Carolyn Ford

And...this yellow is gorgeous too! The contrast of blue and yellow is stunning! Beautiful!

Poopsie aka Blue

Another fine TCT photo!

Like you I take photo of anything that catchs my eye.

And, I have been quietly playing your Camera Critters meme since it's conception, but stopped signing into Mr Linky as it seemed unfair to do so,as was just not visiting or commenting on other participants entries BUT I do always link back to you!

Best wishes


Brilliant colors, Misty!


I'm having trouble getting used to the time change, too. UGH!

Gina show up yet?

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