Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wordful Wednesday with Corny Captions to Consider

Wordful Wedneday
(for those of us who can't keep our fingers quiet)

(c) Misty DawnS

Corny Captions to Consider:
"The Cow Police"
"Angus Toll Booth"
"Let's Talk Dirty"
"Angus Hitchhiker"
"You Drive, I'll Hoof it"
"I'm Nosy"
"You interrupted My Facial"
"The Bulls are Hosting Mud Wrestling in the Other Field"
"I Stand Out in My Field"
"It Takes A Lot To Stay This Gorgeous"
"Moooove Along Now"
"Go Ahead, Rub My Nose In It!"
"Muddy Hair - It's The New Trend"
"I Got Tired of Looking Like Every Other Angus Girl, Do You Like It?"

So... are you ready for the holidays? It's officially November now!!! I was browsing the internet today and found several Amazon books on Photoshop CS4 that are going on my holiday wish list... what's on your wish list?
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Hilarious captions for your unique bully photo!


"Anyone seen that calf that's missing?"

Melissa B.

QUITE the Superior Snap! Yours? And I love, Love, LOVE the captions!

Life's a Beach


Lets Talk Dirty as far as I am concerned is a great caption

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