Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heads or Tails *Rate*

Heads Or Tails

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HEADS - "Rate"

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I've got a couple more days of my holiday break left, and, at this rate, I don't think I'm going to get anything accomplished on my to-do list! I have to admit, I did give myself a pretty steep to-do list, and working at the high rate of speed to get everything done would pretty much ruin the whole idea of holiday "BREAK", I guess.

If you're interested, I've got a couple things in the works, which I'll be going on and on about at an excessive rate in the future (it's called promotion, folks).

First - I've started a Zenfolio account to sell my photos. Now, I've got to set the mark-up rates for prices, organize things the way I want them, and, of course, upload photos. I don't know if my photos are a high enough rate of quality to be sold, but we're gonna find out. Wish me luck, so I don't do a complete flop and feel like a complete failure. Just kidding... not really.

Also - I'm starting another blog. Stop gasping and just listen for a minute. This blog will be all about reviews (such as alli reviews) and giveaways. It won't be a blog where I will put demands on myself to post everyday. This blog will be 'enjoyable'. I will review and rate products, I will tell you about giveaways to enter in the blogosphere, and I will have giveaways of my own. At any rate, would you be interested in that? Would you visit? Are you even reading this post?

There's so much more I could ramble on about. However, I've got a to-do list to tackle. Otherwise, I'm going to go back to "work" and feel like I didn't get anything accomplished on my time off, which is not good for my morale.

Maybe in my next post, I'll tell you about falling in the ditch/creek the other day... brrrrr.
Talk to ya soon...



I hope you're allowing yourself a little free time in that schedule.

You fell in a ditch?

Prizler Photography

Fabulous photo!


Sounds like you rate a real break. You know, the kind where you lay back and do nothing. Remember those?

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