Saturday, January 16, 2010

Camera Critters #93

Those of you who are on Facebook may know that it's "Way Back Week" for Facebook. If you didn't know, don't worry, because I didn't know it either. I was finally clued in on Wednesday. So, I thought it would be neat to carry the "Way Back" theme over to my blogs for this week's Camera Critters posts. So... in honor of Way Back week, below is a picture of little ol' me with my dad's Irish Setter, Brandy.

Brandy was an absolutely awesome dog.
She was beautiful, loving, and
SUPER intelligent (although I doubt she cared about things such as the best weight loss supplement.)
She was also a highlight of my childhood.
I loved that dog more than words can possibly express.
It was a super-special day for me if Dad came over and had Brandy with him.

Yes, I guess I've ALWAYS been a dog person.
I just love almost all animals.
In fact, my Misty's Words post features cats.


Kim, USA

Nice photo of yours and the dog you love. Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

My jiggly critter

i beati

very touching as i'm sure the memory is also


Beautiful dog next to his young and pretty friend - many of my memories are associated with animals too :-)

Hootin' Anni

She was gorgeous...and I like the little blond were gorgeous too!!!

Mine's Here


Adorable, both you and the dog :) I have equally fond memories of Tessa, the Small Münsterländer my grandfather owned.


Neat photo of you and your old dog Brandy. I am a dog lover too.

Mom Knows Everything

What a beautiful dog and you're a cutie too! ;o)

Reader Wil

Hi Misty Dawn, I must apologize for not participating in CC. I like it very much, but have no photos of interesting animals at the moment, apart from some spiders. I hope you'll have a nice weekend! Thanks for creating this meme.

Reader Wil

I forgot to say that I love your dog. Lovely to have such beautiful memories!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

Irish Setters are a beautiful breed. Enjoyed your photo and your memories.


Childhood pets always hold a special place in out hearts.. even if they weren't our own.


Ack.. typo. Must fix.



Brandy is a great looking dog. And you're were a cute kid.


Thanks for taking us back with you Misty - this is so cute!

This is such a wonderful vintage photo. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Müge Tekil

How sweet is Little Misty together with that cute Irish Setter! :-) Thank you for sharing with us that special memory of yours. Have a beautiful weekend! :-)


amazingly beautiful!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: We only had dogs at home and they were used for hunting.


You and Brandy were both adorable!

We once had a beagle named Brandy.


Brandy does look beautiful. Dogs were an important part of my life from an early age, too.


What a great entry you have. Hope you have a nice weekend. God Bless!


What a great entry you have. Hope you have a nice weekend. God Bless!


Nice photo. It's fun looking back sometimes.

A Blog In The Rough

awwh great picture. I always get happy/sad when seeing older photos with critters on them :)


Gorgeous dog! Cute little girl too.

Crazy Working Mom

What a beautiful shot. Sweet girl with a cute dog....or should that be cute girl with a sweet dog?! Works either way! :)


When I was little we had an Irish Setter named Red - he was quite a character. :)

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