Saturday, January 30, 2010

Camera-Critters #95

You know how I am... I love me some bugs... especially dragonflies and damselflies. Go ahead, think I'm strange, I don't mind. I kinda like being different ;-) You see, besides the whole self-promotion thing, part of my reason for posting this particular slide show is because I am so, so, so missing the warm weather and seeing my blessed dragonflies and damselflies flying about everywhere! But it's very cold here, and not a bug in sight. So sad... so very, very sad! I can't wait for the day I can sit by my pond again, fishing pole in hand, and watch the dragonflies flit about. *sigh* 'Scuse me while I go watch my own slide show and daydream some more.

To join in on all the fun critter-photo action just click on the badge at the top of this post and have fun!!!


Adrienne Zwart

Misty, you really are the best when it comes to capturing these critters! I think your fascination with them translates into super photography. Have you made a calendar of them yet?


Wonderful slideshow of the dragonflies. Beautiful shots.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: What a wonderful slide show of the neat critters. If I see one I have to take a photo of it.
Get better really soon.


Wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us.


I guess we just love your buggy self! Awesome slide show. You take some amazing pics of these critters.

Speaking of bugs... GET WELL SOON!!

Coy Hill

Love this post! Even though I have vowed to enjoy this winter for what winter has to offer I can't help but long for spring; bugs, butterflies, birds & fishing :)

You are getting quite a collection of dragon & damsel flies, beautiful work Misty.

Vicki ~ FL

Wonderful slide show...I, too, love dragonflies but could never capture them like you do.


I miss your bugs, too! You can capture the dragonflies. Beautiful!

Get well!


Nice presentation.

Flock of Starlings


These are wonderful pictures of dragonflies and damselflies, and they sure do make me wish for summer and warm weather too. I think everyone is feeling a bit sick of all the cold and snow right now. I pulled spring pictures out of the archives for today as well. :)

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

Hi Misty
Enjoyed your slideshow.
I think dragonflies and their cousins all have such beautiful wings. They seem to like being photographed too as they'll stay in one place for a few minutes.

Teena in Toronto

Nice shot!

I played too :)


What a beautiful variety of visitors you have. No wonder you're missing them!


Perfect slide show for CC - the warm weather is not far off hang in there!


love the dragonflies too. Great slides.


Very beautiful!


I like bugs too Misty, this only since I got interested in photography. You really get an appreciation for them and your slide show was fun to watch, thank you.


beautiful photos in the shows how much you love dragonflies...

mine's a bird

Maude Lynn

These are so pretty!


Great photos of these beautiful bugs. I miss them, too!

Mom Knows Everything

Oh I like the slide show...very cool! You go igeek! hehe

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