Monday, January 18, 2010

Heads or Tails *Pack*

Heads Or Tails

This is another of my "wish list" posts. Gosh, if you didn't know me better (which I hope you do), you'd think I were a materialistic girl, which I'm totally not. However, everyone has things they have on a wish list, even if they never expect to get those things. What is pictured above though, I did expect to get. In fact, I promised myself that I would get a bag, in which I could pack my laptop AND my camera, before the next trip back to visit family. Well, it hasn't happened, because these bags are just too expensive. However, I'm sure I'll be having lots of regrets as I trudge through the airport carrying my heavy briefcase packed with my laptop and other accessories on one shoulder, and the bag packed with my camera and lens on the other shoulder. It's enough to wear me out trudging through the airport with these items, especially the briefcase which wasn't even designed to have a 17" laptop packed in it. It certainly doesn't help the aches and severe joint pain which come along with Fibromyalgia. I don't even pack clothes, because it's just too much. I've got some clothes that I just leave at my dad's for when I visit.

The backpack pictured above is a Tamrac 5550 Adventure 10. I, however, don't have a specific brand of bag picked out. I just need a few specifications in whichever bag or pack I eventually get: 1) Can hold a large 17" laptop; 2) Also holds a DSLR with lens attached; 3) Very Important - will be approved as a carry-on item by the airlines (and if it had wheels, that would be an added and very welcomed bonus). Any ideas, reviews, or suggestions?



That would be cool! (I love it when you talk all technical *wink*)


Wow! Pretty cool! I wrote about backpacks that our students wear.


Good luck finding one. Grandma is a stay-at-home geek, so has little advice to offer on this one.

Hootin' Anni

Oh my goodness....If I were into all that teckie stuff, I'd most certainly want one of these also!! Wow.

My H o T is HERE. Do come join me if you can find time today.

i beati

quite a pack


That is one super bag!

Kim, USA

Super bag for people like us ^_^ Thanks for sharing!



The Reporter II bag is a decent one. Fulfills the requirements.

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