Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday *Foggy Days*

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Yep, that's about as much of a look at my sky as you're gonna get right now. We've had lots and lots of fog, and then... we have more fog. Then, the fog freezes overnight, and we're surrounded by a sparkling winter wonderland. That is, unless you're trying to drive on that ice. Not fun. We had freezing rain and thunderstorms on Wednesday, and now, everything is covered in ice. When I stepped out onto the steps to go get the mail and slid all the way down them, I was seriously thinking I should have gotten a life insurance quote before even stepping foot outside. Even the dogs walked outside, stopped, and then looked at me like, "NOW what the heck are we supposed to do?" But, I must admit, it looks pretty awesome, and I wish I could get some photos of it, but I leave for work when it's still dark, and I get home when it's getting dark. So, photos are out of the question right now. Saturday, they are calling for rain all day and the temperature is supposed to get to almost 50 degrees. So, that will melt all the ice, and I still won't get any photos. *pout* Not that I'm feeling sorry for myself or anything... I'd never do that... just maybe feeling sorry for the photographer in me, that's all ;-)



The fog is an interesting phenomenon, the tiny droplets of moisture swirling about the land. Only a potential visual danger above freezing, and a real physical danger below. The field looks like winter, with brown turf, leafless trees and gray foggy mass above. But all so beautiful in its winter simplicity...

Carolyn Ford

I think the fog creates a mood that photographs very well. That lone tree standing in the fog creates a deep feeling of loneliness.


I agree with Carolyn that the fog creates an atmosphere that is a good backdrop for the photo.

Did that make sense? I'm tired!

All the ice sounds really dangerous. Take care walking and driving on it.


It's like there's nothing out there beyond that tree. We've had some fog but not that much - it does look pretty on the trees when it freezes. I really don't have any good excuses for not taking any pictures.

Quilt Works

Nice! Creates such a lonely sad mood!


Calico Crazy

It's like the world fades into nothingness. I have a border collie and can just picture the face, we see it every time it rains, he's such a wimp. ~ Calico Contemplations

Looking @ The Sky on Friday

We're all ready for warmer times, I think. It's coming real soon and then we'll be wishing for the cool air. *LOL* We're supposed to have rain all day tomorrow too. *sigh*

Have a good weekend, my dear. Thanks for playing along!



Beautiful! We had some fog this week too.

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