Monday, January 18, 2010

Macro Monday *Frosted Tulip Tree*

(c) Misty DawnS

Ahhhh, I've got a long weekend. In other words, I've got today off from work. Well, I've got today off from my full-time financial aid job. I had so many plans for today. I kept saying that I was just going to do "ME" things. In other words, I was going to be lazy, or work on my photos sites, whatever mood struck me. Well, guess what I've got done so far. This morning, when I get out of bed, I made the mistake of picking up the book I'm reading. No, I'm not going to make you click here and read what the book is; I'll tell you. It's The 8th Confession by James Patterson. I told myself I was just going to read a chapter or two, but two hours later, I found myself still reading. Oh well, I guess I can just say that I decided to do something for "ME", and I can also give credit to Mr. James Patterson for being such a fantastic author that I can't put the book down once I've picked it up and joined the world of mystery.



I do love freezing fog shots. 8v) Nice.

Carolyn Ford

That is awesome!


Excellent photo. I like the way the branches are reaching. Great color.


Lovely picture. I have a pile of reading that I need to do, but now I may have to add Patterson to the list.


That's a gorgeous composition, nicely executed! Well taken!


Oh so pretty! I love the majesty of the frost on life!

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