Wednesday, January 20, 2010

True Colours Thursday *Blue & White*

True Colours Thursday is a fun meme hosted at the blog appropriately titled "My True Colours". Click on the badge to join in on the fun!

This week's color prompt is:
Blue and White together
(c) Misty DawnS

We had freezing rain and thunderstorms during the night and morning. So, now everything is covered in ice. If it weren't so windy, I could get some good photos. Unfortunately, the wind is blowing like mad and we keep having freezing rain off and on... not a good situation for taking the camera outside. So, I decided to use a photo which not only represents "Blue and White together", but also represents warmer weather. Oh, I'm SO longing for warmer weather! Is it spring yet? I'd be longing for a Branson vacation package, but I'm sure their weather isn't any better than mine right now. I am hoping that Hubs and I will get a chance to visit Branson and the Ozarks this year though, as I hear it's very beautiful there, and I'd love to visit and get lots of photographs.


Carolyn Ford

Now...that is beautiful!


I wish Spring would hurry up, too.

One thing I like about your talent is that you see beauty everywhere.

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Wow. I love that pic. It was simply elegant. So love it! :)

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I suddenly recognize that photographs could reach eternity through the moment, photographs may not lie it tells its own story shaped by the mood or insights of the person you are at the time you see it. This would be a plain picture but, we love to think of nature as a one source photographer devote.

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