Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wordful Wednesday *Abstract & Creative*

This is another slide show from my Zenfolio photography site. This is the slide show of the Abstract & Creative gallery. I've always loved doing nature, wildlife, and animal photography. Yet, this past year, I developed a real love for creating abstract and fine art photography. In fact, I didn't even realize I was creating "fine art" until Hubs and one of my best friends continued to refer to some of my photos as that. All I was doing was seeing something that was pleasing to my eyes, and I photographed those scenes. This type of photography has really become a favorite of mine.

I bet y'all are getting tired of these slide shows. If you aren't, you probably will eventually. You'll be pleading with me to post about eczema, cow pies, bugs... anything but my photo slide shows. LOL Oh wait!!! I have a slide show of bugs... but, I'm sure you already expected that from me ;-)



you are good with pictures and topics. if you can get some good images with chickens all over the chicken range then that would be so cool! i love chickens...thanks

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