Saturday, February 6, 2010

Camera-Critters #96

(c) Misty DawnS

I sadly admit that I'm using a photo from my archives this week. There are a few reasons why I'm using an old photo. For one, it's cold, windy, and snowy outside. Mother Nature has not been cooperating with me at all this winter. Another reason is I've been going through all my files to decide which ones to upload to my Zenfolio site and my RedBubble site. Also, I must admit that I'm in quite a hurry, because, in a half hour, I'm supposed to help move cattle down the road from one farm to another. It's an interesting experience to try to get 100 cows AND their calves to take a stroll down the road. Last time took most of the cold, windy day, and involved several trips down the road, and there were some hunters thrown in the mix too. Quite the experience... (pray for me).


Judith @ Lavender Cottage

This photo is very nice, gives a calm feeling Misty.
Good luck with moving all the cows and hopefully it won't be too cold for you.

Not So Average Mama

Nice silhouette! Beautiful!


It is a beautiful silhouette, misty! Great shot!


I really like the silhouette against the painted sky. Good luck with your cattle drive!


Well, I am glad you pulled this one out! What a wonderful shot, and I loved hearing your real life story going on right now that pertains to that beautiful cow. Love it!


Regardless, its still a great photo! thanks for sharing.


Looking at older photos such as this one, are great because they evoke feelings that we would like to embody in this moment in time. They certainly are mood enhancers. We can create our own spring conditions.

Hootin' Anni

I like it a fact, it's new to me. Lovely silhouette.

My C C is another pencil sketch of mine...a cheetah this time.

Have a glorious Saturday. [don't hate me, but it's nearly 70 degrees here and finally...we got sun today!!]


This photo may be from your archives but it is nice! I hope you had good luck with the cows! Have a delightful Sunday!


That is a wonderful photo. The glow behind cow makes it perfect. Glad you use it, good choice, Misty!
I am praying, I hope all the cows go quickly... keep warm.


Great Entry! God Bless!


Love the silhouette!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango

Gorgeous! Doesn't matter when it was taken!


That is a very nice shot you got there and I just love the silhouette weather. Your cow just add up the beauty on that shot.


Very nice shot! I have been into my archived photos all winter! It's just too darned cold to go out. Gives me the opportunity to go back and reflect while I wait for spring to make an appearance. ~ks


Cows are mean.

I have a question about those other sites. Do you have links to them here?


I'm playing next time!

Large Format Posters

That's actually a nice photo even if it is in the archives. I like the subtle lighting!


Love the feel of this photo archives or not! Nice CC.

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