Saturday, February 13, 2010

Camera-Critters #97

(c) Misty DawnS

I was shocked when I opened my blog this morning. I couldn't believe I haven't posted since last Camera-Critters!!! Life has gotten crazy again... in so many ways. I won't bore or depress you with all the details. Things will get better eventually, they always do.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so I went to my archives to find photos appropriate for Valentine's Day (or "Singles Appreciation Day" as one of my favorite co-workers calls it). I thought this photo of Maggie May giving her sister a kiss was a sweet and appropriate photo. Happy Valentine's Day *or* Happy Singles Appreciation Day, Everyone ;-)



Misty, cute shot of the collies! Happy Valentines Day.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: Very cute.


Nice red collar for Valentines Day.

I hope your life gets back to normal soon. Hope you got the herd moved last week.


Love and friendship among all critters is a great thing to see!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

I always look forward to your header each week - love that puppy photo.
The two sisters today is adorable, thank you for hosting CC.


Wonderful and perfect for Valentine Day!

(Hang in there!)


Awwwwww!!!! How sweet and perfect for this weekend. :)


Awww. how cute!


Darling dogs!


Nice shot. Maggie doesn't look like a puppy anymore, but she does seem to like her sister. 8v)

CrAzY Working Mom

That is absolutely the cutest picture ever! I love it. :)

I understand how life gets away. I've done the same thing before, not post 'till the next LATSOF and not even realize it.

Have a great weekend. Happy V-day!


Such beautiful, sweet girls!

Smalltown RN

That is a perfect photo for Valentines' Day.....lovely!

Quilt Works

Perfect for Valentines day!
Kissing dogs!


Michelle |

Belated Happy Valentine's day! The dogs are jut precious!


Are they not so sweet siblings? A perfect photo last Valentine's day. Belated Happy Hearts Day by the way, I mean, Happy Singleness Appreciation. :D



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