Saturday, February 27, 2010

Camera-Critters #99

Got Your party hats on?
Got some punch in your glass?
Got some cake on your plate?


Guess who happens to turn THREE years old,

What you are about to see may cause involuntary rushes of emotions,
especially severe cases of the sighs and "Awwwwwws".
Do not proceed if you have a weak heart, because it WILL be stolen.
If you do proceed, do not say you weren't warned of the
severity of the cuteness you are about to experience...

Maggie May
10 wks old
The day we first met her,
a.k.a. the day we became her
forever family & home.
How could we have possibly
turned this cute furball away???
(c) Misty DawnS

She was a chewer from the very start,
but always got away with everything,
because of that irresistible face.
We kept being told she'd grow out of the chewing.
After losing many clothes, shoes, gloves, pens, books, cowboy boots,
a dog bed, a bean bag, an END TABLE, and so much more,
we were wondering if we were going to have any possessions
left by the time she stopped chewing.
I don't think she ever chewed up a pulse oximeter though... go figure.
(c) Misty DawnS

The other two Border Collie rescues (her "big brother" and "big sister")
can't resist her either. She gets away with everything with them too!
And, trust me, she knows it and uses it to her advantage.
(c) Misty DawnS

(c) Misty DawnS

Her name is Maggie May.
She turns three today.
Her nickname is Doodles - short for "Puppy-Doodles".
Because she'll always be our puppy.
(Can you tell which girl is which in the photo above?)
It's hard to get over how much Molly and Maggie look alike,
considering they're not blood-related at all.
Everyone thinks they are mother and daughter.


EG CameraGirl

Happy birthday, Maggie!

Quilt Works

So so so adorable! What is the name of the breed? I am blanking on it!

Whoa .... Aligator


What a cutie patootie! All grown up now, huh?


Happy Birthday Maggie May! Misty your dog are so cute!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~

Happy Birthday, Maggie May.
We hope you have a wonderful day. :)


All of them are adorable.
Happy birthday to the birthday girl.
Continue to enjoy one another!

Hootin' Anni

HAPPY, HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY!!!! I must confess, I've AlwayS loved that photo you have on your Camera Critters Hub at the top of the M-linky!!!


Happy Birthday to your # year old Maggie May. How lucky she is to have you and your family and for your family to have her. She is a beautiful dog! They both are, hard to believe they aren't related. Have fun with the birthday girl.

Tink *~*~*

A very happy birthday to Maggie May :)

Tink *~*~*


Happy Birthday Maggie May. You and your siblings are pretty adorable and very well loved I can see.


Happy Birthday Maggie!!!
Such cute puppy shots Misty.

We love Luna

How cute you are in these pictures!
Happy birthday and thanks so much for inviting us for the party!
purrs and love

Gardening in a Sandbox

Now there is a dog that is well loved. Happy Woof Woof Birthday. Valerie


Happy Birthday Maggie Doodles!!!!!! Sending lots of love from me, Grandpa, Hannah, Gina, and Angel!!!!!!

(Um.. are you the one on the left?)


Happy Birthday, Maggie May!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy

Misty: What a neat tribute.


Happy Birthday to you - Happy birthday tooo you -- Happy birthday dear Maaaaaggggie - Happy birthday tooooooo youuuuuuu!


Happy, Happy Birthday, Maggie May! Thank you for sharing your celebration with us!


To Maggie May,

Happy Birthday Furry Friend!!



They are both beautiful dogs, happy birthday to Maggie and thanks for sharing Misty:)


Aww, happy birthday, Maggie! What a beautiful girl.


Happy, happy birthday, Maggie May and many more to come.
(I think you're on the left of the photo ;-))


HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many, many more Maggie May!


Happy birthday to Maggie May! She's a beautiful young lady now!


Maggie May is as beautiful an adult dog as she was cute as a puppy. Happy Birthday, MM!!

Grandmother Wren

Happy, Happy Birthday, Maggie May!

and oh, my! Three? border collies! you are very blessed...and very brave!


You're right - who could resist that little puppy face?

Happy Birthday, Maggie!


Give Maggie May a BBH for know...a Big Bear Hug. 8v)

Happy Birthday, little one. Have a wonderful day.


Black and white dogs, of any breed, have always been my favorite!


What a sweetheart. And how she has grown. Happy Birthday, Maggie May.


Happy Birthday Maggie May.
Sweet and so cute.

I'm participating once again.

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