Monday, February 1, 2010

Heads or Tails *List Three*

Heads Or Tails

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This week's theme is:
TAILS - "Three"
Make any kind of post listing 3 things from any category you choose.

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Three things. Humph. Well, I've got three Border Collies, as you know. So, my three favorite Border Collies in the whole wide world are (from left to right): Maggie May, Tag, and Molly-Collie. Speaking of "THREE", guess who's gonna be three years old this month?!?! Maggie May!!! I remember the big "Doggy-Bloggy-Birthday-Bash" we had for her when she turned ONE (there was spiked punch and dancing on the tables if I remember correctly)!!! My PUPPY is gonna be THREE!!! I guess I should probably quit calling her a 'puppy', huh? I know I should, but I just can't. She's still my puppy. She'll be 30 and still be my puppy. Oh yes, she'll be 30, and Tag will be 36, and my heart and soul Molly-Collie will be 37... YES they will. Me and God have discussed this and came to an agreement. I'm just sayin'.

Hmmmmm... should we have a THIRD bloggy-birthday party for Maggie-May? I'm sure y'all are tired of the parties, but Maggie wanted me to ask. She says a girl can never have too many parties in her honor. That's what she says.



Now how did I know you'd list your three puppies? :)


Beautiful border collies. They are certainly a special breed. We have just one, Pepeu, who will be 8 years old next month. And he's not going anywhere!

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Le Butterfly

LOL Skittles,

They are beautiful - love the photo


definitely big three for sure

Hootin' Anni

Literally...THREE HEADS and THREE TAILS!!!

And all beautiful I might add.

Mine this week is ALL IN THE FAMILY for me.

Have a great Tuesday.


They are such beautiful dogs. I think dogs enrich our lives. Mine do. Sometimes they irritate me but mostly enrich. LOL

CrAzY Working Mom

Did you say party?! I'm there...will there be CAKE?! ;)

I love this shot. It's beautiful.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!)

what a clever post on three! LOL... i've never seen so many three's before.
anyway happy 3rd birthday to your puppy!


Yay! Definitely go for a third birthday party for Maggie-May! We should celebrate her birthday :) That's such a nice photo of the three of them by the way!

Mom Knows Everything

I wanna come to the party!!!!!!!!


Hi Misty,

Missouri Bloggers are invited to see your three dogs showcased in the New "SHOW ME STATE DOGS" photo album ....

Thanks for participating,

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